A pioneering workshop in Hoi An that supports artisans, craftsmen and women in overcoming their disabilities to produce quality ceramics, leatherwear, embroidery, weaving, metalwork and paper crafts.  Handicapped access.

What to experience ?

A real Ali Baba’s cave where you feel like buying every thing and, an exemplary social enterprise not to be missed!

Reaching Out - Hoi An

Reaching Out - Hoi An

Reaching Out was established in 2000 and includes a workshop and an in-house gift shop.  The experience starts with a 15-20 minute guided tour of the workshop and an introduction to the artisans and craftspeople, as well as an explanation of how the products are made.

The shop overflows with items produced by the artisans. It includes a vast selection of home decorations, from embroidered wall hangings and sandstone figures to collections of traditional ethnic clothing. High quality handicrafts made of silk, ceramics, paper, and metal are handmade by handicapped Vietnamese.

All crafts and gifts reflect Viet Nam’s culture and keep alive traditional skills, techniques, materials and designs that have been handed down over the years.

This is not a place for bargain hunters and the shop has a fixed price policy.  Customers are assured that all crafts are made with high quality materials by workers who receive training, fair market wages, as well as bonuses and daily lunch allowances.

You can also learn about Vietnamese crafts: silk printing, lacquer, metal-work, paper, or you can volunteer your time, offer vocational training, or suggest new product ideas.

How does it help ?

Wheelchair-bound Le Nguyen Binh had risen above his own disabilities and wanted to help others facing a similar situation. He founded Reaching Out – Hoa Nhap Handicrafts to provide the physically challenged with skills and training to turn their disabilities into abilities, so that they can lead a productive life and achieve a higher level of independence.

Reaching Out is a Fair trade champion, committed to putting people and sustainable commerce ahead of profits.  It strictly adheres to Fair Trade principles. Reaching Out runs paid work placement schemes for disadvantaged youth with disabilities from socially deprived communities. All decisions are made through participative consultation.

All artisans or sales people earn a good ‘living wage’, meaning that they earn enough to save money as well as meet all their essential needs. They also work fair hours with annual leave, and maternity leave is granted in tandem with international standards.

World class training and employment is currently provided to over 100 handicapped artisans in Viet Nam, with over 50 employees in Hoi An and 36 disabled artisans who produce work from home, and over 40 additional artisans from 7 producer groups in the North & South of Viet Nam. With a 85% success rate graduates find meaningful employment and lead independent lives, some setting up their own workshop in a domino effect. Through years of training and commitment the organisation has developed a network of artisans all over Viet Nam.

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Reaching Out logoContact Details

Reaching Out (Hòa Nhập)

103 Nguyen Thai Hoc St, Hoi an, Vietnam

(next to the Tan Ky House)

Workshop entrance on Bach Dang St.,

Tel:  84. 510. 3910-168/ 3862-460

E-mail: info@reachingoutvn.com


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