Metiseko chose the traveller’s tree as a symbol for its values and its brand. From daily life in the land of Asia, the brand draws different inspirations from its travel journals and creates a collection of coloured and poetic prints.

What to experience?

Metiseko, Hoi An fashion shop, Vietnam

Printanier© Aaron Joel SANTOS

Hoi An was formerly a prosperous city for the silk trade, now a Unesco World Heritage Site and a favourite destination in Viet Nam, it retained a harmonious blend of its past influences from Japan, China and France. This small haven where authenticity, tradition and nature are the watchwords was the best place to house the craddle of Metiseko, with plans to open branches in Hanoi and Saigon.

Created by three persons sharing the same passion for travelling and fabrics, Metiseko designs poetic prints for an ecochic lifestyle. The high end products are inspired by the blending of cultures and the poetry of life with a touch of humour and lots of charm. You’ll find here a wide choice of stylish ready-to-wear clothes for women and children, and home decor. The brand opens the boundaries between fashion and home.

The organic cotton suppliers come from a green farm in India where the best cotton is cultivated. They work with them on the construction of high quality fabrics by selecting the best yarns and weaving methods to obtain high-end fabrics that are resistant, skin friendly, light and delicate. Soft and nice, the silk selected from the Highlands is the most resistant and will procure you a real well-being.?They create their own dyes.

How does it help?

Metiseko, Hoi An fashion shop, Vietnam

Home decor© Aaron Joel SANTOS

Metiseko is certified OE 100 and OE Standard Blended, this ensures that the fibers are natural and cultivated organically as well as the traceability of the organic fibers from the producer to Metiseko shops. Metiseko controls eveything from A to Z  so that the overall manufacturing processes are socially responsible and environmentally conscious.

Production is entirely made in Hoi An where they employ and train sewers who benefit from a fair wage, 3 times higher than the market price, a medical insurance and are working 44 hours a week maximum. Metiseko is inspected once a year by Control Union for the respect of the working conditions of their workshop and conditions of stock. There is no chain production, on the contrary, they prefer sewers to be responsible for one garment from the beginning to the end to enhance their sewing skills and to always give them the opportunity to learn more.

Metiseko promotes a greener Viet Nam; all dyes used are nitrogen free, without dangerous or forbidden chemicals for the sensitive skins. All marketing materials are made from recycle material: shopping bags, letter paper, shop interior decor, etc…

Certification: Global Organic Standards – Textile Exchange

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03 Chau Thuong Van, Minh An

Hoi An, Quang Nam Province

Tel: +84 (0) 510 392 9278




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