In Cat Tien National Park, the comfortable Forest Floor ecolodge is an ideal base to explore the park and be thrilled at the sight of its abundant wildlife, ethnic villages and farms where you can view the production of coffee, pepper, fruit and vegetables.

What to experience ?

FOREST FLOOR LODGE, Viet NamThe Forest Floor Lodge is a former Ranger station in Cat Tien National Park that has been converted into an ecolodge, next to the Ben Cu rapids. It consists of a number of deluxe, low-impact accommodation units, set in the adjacent secondary forest growth.

You can choose a bungalow or a semi-permanent tent, both designed for you to enjoy luxury on your return from your explorations and adventures of the day.

Cat Tien National Park is THE wildlife destination of Vietnam. Go on a night safari and spot animals with rangers or visit the monkey and bear sanctuary.  If you have extra time, take a walk to the crocodile lake where you can stay overnight, as they are best seen at dawn and dusk.

The Forest Floor Lodge works very closely with the Cat Tien National Park; all the tours can be booked through the Park’s tourism office, 1.5 km from the lodge, which you can reach by bike or walking. The lodge can also arrange tours to ethnic villages, coffee and pepper plantations, orchards or vegetable local farms.
Local farmers have been encouraged to redevelop an organic coffee production with the creation of a small-scale coffee retailing and exporting business; the lodge is promoting it to its customers as well as local handicrafts, hoping to reboost their production.

How does it help ?

The Forest Floor Lodge’s vision is that tourism in Cat Tien National Park should not only support the local economy, but also raise environmental awareness and reduce poaching and logging. With other organisations they cooperate to enhance development strategies based on green corridors and protected riparian zones with local communities. Starting with a relatively modest investment, and using locally-available resources wherever possible, they aim to grow a business that supports local people and achieves long-term environmental enrichment, also adding value to the Park and Viet Nam’s forest resources.

All materials, supplies, and staff are sourced locally with an emphasis on supporting local ethnic minority people. All food supplies are sourced from local farmers and a small system is in place where local farmers are contracted to supply chicken and certain vegetables on a subsidy scheme. As the business grows this project will be extended.FOREST FLOOR LODGE, Viet Nam

The (Forest Floor) Lodge is establishing tours to the ethnic village and encourages villagers to share their ancestral knowledge of the forest and its natural products, as well as their customs, beliefs and culture. These projects are in the very early stage working alongside an NGO as they believe it is very important to establish the correct scheme to avoid a “human zoo” scenario.

Contact Details

logo, FOREST FLOOR LODGE, Viet NamForest Floor Lodge
Cat Tien National Park
Tân Phú District
Ð?ng Nai Province, Vi?t Nam
Tel: +84 (0) 613 669 890

Location Map

Nam Cat Tien National Park, Tan Phu District, Dong Nai Province


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