Go climbing or kayaking around Cat Ba Island with a responsible tourism operator.

What to experience ?

climbing, Asia Outdoor, Cat Ba Island Viet NamAsia Outdoors, which was formerly known as Slo Pony Adventures, is an adventure tour operator based on Cat Ba Island. The company was established by Onslo Carrington who has a passion for Viet Nam, climbing and the outdoors. He found the perfect spot for all this on Cat Ba Island.

The Slo Pony team is made up of Vietnamese and foreigners who are dedicated about climbing in a very special environment.  In working with the Vietnamese authorities they have opened up special climbing routes all around Cat Ba Island.  All their staff have been trained and are experienced climbers who take pride in having the highest level of guiding standards.  They make it a priority to manage the climbing areas in terms of bolting, safety, maintenance, and caring about the environment of the climbing routes.

They also offer kayaking through caves and hidden lagoons, or trekking through the National Park.  On all of their trips they highlight the special and sensitive environment of Cat Ba Island and make sure that you improve your climbing skills but also that you are aware that the Cat Ba langur faces extinction without the support of dedicated conservation organisations.

How does it help ?

Asia Outdoors or Slo Pony Adventures tries to employ local people on Cat Ba as far as possible, and give them the opportunity to finish or upgrade their formal education. They integrate them in their business and teach them English and professional skills. They are proud to be an eclectic team of Vietnamese and foreigners who provide cross-cultural experiences.

They sponsor micro-lending opportunities and integrate local businesses in their activities such as at climbing sites where villagers provide cooked meals and motorbike transportation. This income has helped to dig wells, build sanitary bathrooms, erect dining and living structures and increase savings.

In Cat Ba National park, Asia Outdoors offers expertise with rope-work, rock climbing and climbing safety to provide access to remote cliff-caves where the critically endangered Cat Ba langur lives.  The langurs number between 65-75, and capturing them to relocate for breeding opportunities is critical to the species’ survival. Asia Outdoors’ help in accessing these caves is key to the process.

They organise trash pick-ups, and maintain the beaches they visit as well as the Butterfly Valley.

Photo Gallery

Contact Details

Asia Outdoors (formerly Slo Pony Adventures)
222 1/4 Street, Group 19, Ward 4
Cat Ba Island, Cat Hai District
Hai Phong City, Viet Nam
Tel: +84 (0) 31 368 8450
Website : www.slopony.com

Location Map

Cat Ba, Cat Hai, Hai Phong


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