Visit Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Centre where endangered animal species have been rescued from unscrupulous humans, and learn about the challenges facing Viet Nam’s natural heritage.

What to experience ?

WAR’s Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Centre, Viet Nam
Yellow-cheeked gibbon | Nomascus gabriellae ?

Visitors wanting a closer look into the efforts to save Vietnam’s protected animals from illegal traders can go to WAR just outside Ho Chi Minh City. WAR’s Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Centre shelters animals confiscated by the Forest Protection Department (FPD) and local authorities, and it treats them at southern Viet Nam’s only multi-species wildlife hospital.

WAR began combatting the illegal wildlife trade in 2003. The rescue centre opened in 2006, and it now provides the public with tours of its less sensitive areas to see the animals it has saved.  The list of wildlife refugees includes sun bears, primates, monitor lizards, water dragons, pythons and a variety of turtle species.

WAR also wants to raise environmental consciousness and promote the conservation of endangered species and their habitats in their Awareness Centre.  This centre presents educational displays and information about Viet Nam’s biodiversity, the threats posed by illegal wildlife trade and the role the rescue centre plays in helping the FPD to enforce the law.  You can learn about the country’s natural heritage and the plight of its beleaguered wildlife, and are encouraged to take an active role in preserving them.

How does it help ?

WAR’s Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Centre
Liberated from illegal traders

The WAR Rescue Centre and the Awareness Centre aim to help change traditional attitudes towards Viet Nam’s wildlife and environment, and encourage the public to view them as important long-term national assets worth conserving rather than disposable commodities.

WAR uses the Cu Chi Rescue Centre as a vital weapon in its fight against illegal trafficking in wildlife trade.  The centre’s main purpose is to aid FPD staff by providing them with accommodation and caring for the animals they confiscate from illegal traders

The Rescue Centre directly protects Vietnam’s biodiversity and natural heritage, and is co-managed by the local FPD. It employs local staff to operate the facility as well as to conduct tours. The Awareness Centre highlights the threats to wildlife posed by local cultural traditions such as traditional Chinese medicine and consuming endangered animals for alleged health benefits.


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Contact Details

WAR’s head office
202/10 Nguyen Xi Street, Ward 26, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City.

Tel: (+ 84) 8 3899 7314 / 15
Fax: (+ 84) 8 3899 7316

Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station
No 50, An Nhon Tay Commune, Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City

Tel/Fax : (+ 84) 8 3794 7045.



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