Explore Yokdon, the only low-lying rainforest National Park in Viet Nam. The park holds the largest variety of flora and fauna of any reserve in the country.

What to experience?

Yokdon villagers

Yokdon is Viet Nam’s largest national park, covering 1,155 km2 of relatively flat land with two small mountains on the southern bank of the Srepok River in Dak Lak province. The Central Highlands nature reserve was established in 1991 to protect the forest home of 464 species of flora and scores of mammal, reptile, bird, and fish species including 17 listed as endangered.The Yokdon Ecotourism and Environmental Education Centre offers a variety of services and one-to-five-day tours for visitors wishing to navigate the park’s many trails. Overnight stays can be arranged at an ethnic minority village of which there are 12 in Yokdon’s buffer zone.

Yokdon provides six distinct ecotourism activities. Visitors can cruise the Srepok River in a traditional wooden boat or cycle deeper into the park to take in its biodiversity. Elephant rides are available in the day to enjoy viewing orchids and Michelia as well as a selection of precious tropical woods, while evening elephant treks search for wildlife. The more adventurous can camp out in the park or climb Yokdon’s mountains.

Those interested in the area’s culture can watch locals make handicrafts, stay in a village longhouse, join in a gong festival, try local dishes such as lam rice with roasted chicken and even sample the local rice wine from a ceramic jug.

On Yokdon Lake in Vietnam's largest national park

On Yokdon Lake in Vietnam's largest national park

How does it help?

Yokdon was founded to protect a rare patch of lowland dipterocarp forest. It is the only national park in Viet Nam conserving this particular forest type. Yokdon preserves more species of endangered birds and animals than any other park in the country. Of the 56 precious animal species in Indochina, Yokdon is home to 38, including elephants, wild bulls, gayals, sambar deer, peacocks and water varans. The national park is an important site for the conservation of large mammals, particularly gaur, banteng and the blackshanked douc langur.

Yokdon is also regarded as a significant bird conservation area and home to 196 species including the rare green peafowl, giant ibis and Mekong wagtail. Yokdon also protects 46 reptile, 15 fresh water fish and thousands of insect species

The Yokdon Ecotourism and Environmental Education Centre helps to ensure residents in the park and its buffer zone have an active voice in Yokdon tourism. The centre provides locals with information to protect the park’s environment. Many villagers have been trained as guides or operate the elephant treks and boat excursions.

Contact details

Yokdon National Park
Nguyen Son Hung

Buon Don District, Dak Lak Province, Viet Nam
(40 km from Buon Ma Thuot City)
Tel / Fax: (+84) [0] 578 3049
E-mail: yokdonecotourism@vnn.vn

Location Map

Marker indicates Dak Lak not where Yokdon national park is exactly …


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