Find the Hidden Charm of Viet Nam

Tourist taking photo in Cat Cat village Sapa, Viet Nam

Viet Nam is a vibrant and exciting country that offers both the vitality of a developing economy – such as in the capital of Hanoi and especially in the commercial centre of Ho Chi Minh City – and the calmness and charm of a rural lifestyle when you explore the countryside.

This cultural richness is one of Viet Nam’s main drawcards to visit and explore the country.  While the majority of the people are ethnic Vietnamese, there are 53 ethnic minorities.  Many of them make their homes and livelihoods in the spectacular mountains of the north and central highlands.  A visit to the Hanoi Museum of Ethnology is essential to understand the cultural richness of these people and get an insight into Vietnamese diversity.

Viet Nam’s natural heritage is marked by its rich biodiversity.  There are 30 National Parks and over 60 Nature Reserves waiting to be explored.  While the famous limestone islands of the World Heritage Site Halong Bay are on the top every visitors list, try and venture out to places like Cat Tien National Park and enjoy wildlife at your finger tips, or travel to Phong Nha Ke Bang and check out how Halong Bay might look like without water.

Although the seaside resorts have developed considerably, and Viet Nam is becoming increasingly a beach destination, your best and most authentic views of Viet Nam are to be experienced in the rural areas.  Be ready for an intense trip.  Your best experiences will not be the ones you expected.

It is easy to travel to all the major tourist sites.  Going off the beaten track generally takes a bit more effort, but your reward will be unique and authentic encounters and experiences with the Vietnamese people and culture.

Viet Nam offers a wide range of accommodation and experiences, from luxury beach resorts along the coastline or on Phu Quoc Island, to remote mountain homestays in the north and central mountains of Vietnam. There is something for every travel style and budget.

Viet Nam is also a land of great talents; while strolling in the old quarter of Hanoi you will be attracted by the numerous art galleries displaying splendid lacquer paintings. The artistic sense of the Vietnamese is also expressed in the wide range of quality handicrafts which harmoniously blend traditional techniques and materials with contemporary creativity and designs. The shops we feature here enable you to purchase the finest quality handicrafts, with the guarantee that they have been crafted by artisans who are respected, trained, and paid fair wages.