Handspan Adventure Travel believes that tourism is fundamentally about connecting people and that the differences that separate us can be bridged with the span of an extended hand.

What to experience?

 Handspan Tour operator Vietnam Handspan Adventure Travel offer a variety of small group tours throughout Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia as well as customized tour packages. In Viet Nam, their core responsible products take you from Hanoi into several hill tribes villages, and near Hoi An along the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

The Nature Reserve of Ngoc Son Ngo Luong is a Handspan-exclusive trip to discover and tread lightly in a very pristine area, an untouched secret garden inhabited by the Muong people. The deep roots of their ethnic culture and their isolated location have contributed to the preservation of what is a cultural and natural treasure.

In Ba Be National park you’ll enjoy stunning limestone landscapes dotted with beautiful lakes “precious jade of Vietnam”, caves and waterfalls, rich birdlife, over 300 species of butterflies and, the Tay hospitality. A boat tour on the lake and the incursion into the 300m long, 50m high Puong Cave are the highlights of this trip.

Moc Chau west of Hanoi offers a mountainous area famous for its tea hills, limestone karsts, endless plum orchards, cornfields and dairy products and, its traditional and deep-rooted ethnic cultures famous for their warm hospitality.

Between Hue and Hoi An, you’ll connect with the Co Tu, one of the smallest ethnic groups in Viet Nam and go for a trek to hot springs, swim in mountain streams and waterfalls, take an incredible abseil down into the caves of Marble Mountain and stay overnight at the Ba Hom Homestay.

How does it help?

Handspan has a clear commitment to the principles of responsible tourism, and the concept of the Triple Bottom Line understanding that sustainability must balance environmental, cultural, and economic dimensions. A challenge: improvements in one dimension often result in damage to another. For an ecotourism company, seeking this balance means working closely with local communities in visited areas, and frequent collaboration with scientific researchers.

 Handspan Tour operator Vietnam Founded in 1997, Handspan has a strong history of operating genuine ecotours in the challenging circumstances of a rapidly developing Vietnam. They actively support NGO projects, such as in Moc Chau and Ngoc Son Luong Nature Reserve; construction of homestay, guides’ training, cooking class for local hosts, business management and assessing the suitability of trails for tourism. The revenue generated from homestays is put back into the community through educational, health and environmental initiatives. Their guides provide guests with an educational component to raise awareness of local environmental and cultural challenges, and to promote better understandings between guests and hosts.

A company-wide sustainability policy addresses things like paper printing, air conditioning levels, and recycling. Each year they join the “Clean up Halong Bay” initiative, they also donated durable plastic floats to Halong Bay villages to replace styrofoam ones.

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Contact Details

Head Office: 78 Ma May, Hanoï
Phone: +84-4-3926-2828

HCMC / Saigon
F7,Titan building
18A Nam Quoc Cang, District 1, HCM City
Tel: +84 8 3925 7605
Email: hcm@handspan.com

Sapa: 24 Dong Loi (Inside Chau Long hotel)
Tel: +84 2 0387 2110

Email: info@handspan.com

Website: www.handspan.com


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