Exotissimo caters to all sorts of visitors who wants an in-depth, nature-based experience of the Mekong countries.

What to experience ?

Exotissimo Travel ranks among the pioneers of tourism in the Mekong region. The first foreign-owned operator with a full licence in Viet Nam, Exotissimo started from there in 1993 by offering eco-adventure packages that keep social and environmental awareness at the forefront.

It is now one of the leading regional tour operators with offices in Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia, designing quality tailor-made tours and packages for all types of travellers to the Mekong region.

Some trips follow parts of the Ho Chi Minh Trail Exotissimo Travel

Some trips follow parts of the Ho Chi Minh Trail

The tours foster genuine cultural exchanges, or ‘living experiences’, by closely involving tourists in village activities.  These interactions serve as vehicles for learning the local way of life, beliefs and traditions.

Exotissimo’s tours often stop and visit projects aimed at alleviating poverty and training local communities in tourism.  Residents assist as guides and learn how to organise homestays, skills that lead to sustainable tourism activities.  Exotissimo also works with locals to create awareness for the need to preserve their natural and cultural heritage, while showing them how tourism can increase their incomes.

How does it help ?

Through the personal interactions fostered by Exotissimo, villagers develop pride in their culture while visitors get a true hands-on experience.  Those travelling with Exotissimo also learn about the impact of tourism on the communities.  Visitors often comment on how they walked away from villages with much more respect for the culture and people, and how these encounters will influence their approach to other ethnicities in the future.

Exotissimo TravelExotissimo strives to maintain the socio-economic balance of the communities they visit. Small tour groups are the norm, and prior to reaching their destinations the guides explain how to lessen the cultural impact of their stay. As part of this effort, Exotissimo distributes a copy of its guideline, “Responsible Travel, Make a Difference!” to all its clients, and recently published a more comprehensive version, Exocares.

Exotissimo engages in many local charities and actively supports community development projects.  Exotissimo also set up the Exo Foundation where they invest one dollar for every traveller who takes a tour with them.  The Exo Foundation is active in all Mekong countries, and in 2010 it supported building bridges in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam, and community-based tourism: The Akha Experience, Laos; Library Construction for Cua Van Floating Village, Vietnam; and the Zayat Building in Myanmar.

Contact Details

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44 North Sathorn Road, Silom                                Fax : +66 (0) 2633 9070
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