Green Trails specialise in outdoor adventures tours, with a balanced combination of insightful  nature and community based tourism.

What can you experience?

Tiger Trail Thailand Tour operator

Chiang Dao Trekking

Green Trails Thailand is the new specialist of nature-based tourism within Thai National Parks, working closely with communities, as they are willing to promote actively community based tourism. Interaction of tourists with local people is an essential aspect of their tours. They inform you about the villages you’ll visit and stimulate you to learn a couple of sentences in the local language, and you’ll receive a ‘village code of conduct’ before you visit a community.

Their range of programmes include wildlife expeditions, national park outings, bird watching, bicycle tours, rafting, kayaking, canopy experiences and educational programmes aimed at environmental awareness and nature conservation. Family tours have not been left aside. All the programmes integrate educational elements, guides are trained to provide you with some good interpretation of ecosystems, fauna and flora and, will give you a real authentic and unforgettable experience.

They also developed Festival Tours allowing you to participate to the core cultural events which are so cheerful and lively that they will leave you with some of your greatest memories. It is an excellent way to approach the folk culture and interact with thai people and ethnic tribes through dancing, feasting and, a unique opportunity to taste all local delicacies as these festivals are always connected to large food fairs.

How does it help?

Tiger Trail Thailand Tour operator


Green Trails try to lift the standard of tours by engaging the communities they work with. They actively promote community based tourism in cooperation with CBT-I. they work on capacity building at a local level by developing responsible travel to communities that had little contact with the outside world in the past. Local people benefit through earning extra income but also get valuable experience from hosting overseas visitors. It’s a learning process for all involved which fosters more mutual understanding globally in the long run. At the same time tourists interest help local people appreciate better their own culture and natural environment.

Guides receive training and very strict guidelines regarding the use of plastic bags and waste disposal. They try to be as ‘green’ as possible.

Owned by a Thai/Dutch couple, Green Trails as en ethical company treats its staff very well, with one month bonus in December, and only local staff is employed. The team maintain close relationships and regularly visit the communities they work with. Staff and guides are involved in important decision making. The guides in particular know very well what goes around in the communities they visit with customers and, their opinion is highly valued within the company.

Contact Details

Green Trails Thailand  111/70 (K-Park business) Moo 2 T.Nong Hoi A.Muang Chiang Mai 50100 Tel: 053 141356 Fax: 053 141357

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