N S Travel and Tours have offered inspiring upcountry exploration and eco adventure to several generations of Thai and international travellers.

What you can experience ?

 Green Thailand
Green Thailand

NS. Travel & Tours Co. Ltd. brings 30 years of experience developing quality tour programmes, with a focus on ecotourism and cultural experiences, specialising in unseen and little visited rural areas.

NS Travel and Tours began pioneering ecotourism at the River Kwai Jungle Rafts in Kanchanaburi.

The idea was simple: create accommodation in a totally pristine environment, so that nature lovers can enjoy a stay nestled in unspoiled jungle. Thirty years on, there is still no electricity; staff are 100% local Mon people and all food comes from organic orchards and the local market. You can also purchase ethnic souvenirs directly from the Mon people who work on the Rafts.

Most of NST’s programmes are designed for individuals with a yearning to discover culture, traditions and local communities. The company has developed a unique Community Based Tourism and Sustainable Tourism webpage, including CBT, reforestation programmes, green lodges and humanitarian projects at: http://www.nstravel.com/packages/Community_based_Tourism/6/en

How does it help ?

NS Travel and Tours was established by Mr. Suparerk Soorangura in 1979, to encourage Thai people to travel and experience the amazing natural and cultural wealth of their own country.

Year after year, NS. Travel and Tours has opened new routes and created new possibilities for Thai citizens to discover their own country: opening hotels, helping local communities to develop tourism activities, launching new projects and participating in building tourism in Thailand.

NS. Travel and Tours are currently surveying Thailand, actively searching for and selecting responsible-minded suppliers. These include local, green hotels; community based tourism and organic / healthy restaurants. The company also proactively support local, Thai owned hotels and restaurants, in order to support the local economy and create jobs for Thai people.

In addition to operations, NS Travel and Tours make regular donations of food, materials, equipment and funds to different communities; organise annual children’s days in poor local communities and donate 500.000 to 700.000 baht annually to a range of different organizations.

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Contact Details

NS. Travel & Tours Co. Ltd
133 Ratchprarop Road 19/20

Phones: 02/246.56.59 – 02/248.84.20
Email: info@nstravel.com
Website: www.nstravel.com




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