Access the most remote accommodation, book online with Teamworkz, a tour operator specialised in sustainable tourism and marketing to ensure that your destination will live and benefit from your trip.


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What to experience ?

Teamworkz is an online tour operator whose focus is on choosing local small and medium enterprise (SME) accommodation providers and suppliers. Teamworkz’ purpose is to promote sustainable tourism practices throughout the region, and encourage the improvement of local conditions for people and destinations visited by tourists. They champion a type of travel that gives a better cultural and social experience to visitors, where guests are able to receive more than a superficial view of the destinations by visiting off the beaten track places, having a great insight into the local culture, and being more involved in communities that would not normally receive any visits without these trips. By using their services, you can ensure an online booking in some remote areas of the country where owners and suppliers have little access to the internet or even a fax.

A list of tour products can be seen at – these range from city tours by electric bikes, to learning to cook, weave or draw in traditional Lao styles, ‘fair trekking’ programmes and conservation programmes such as the Elephant Park Project.

How does it help ?

Teamworkz believe that through leading by example, keeping guests informed of local culture and customs, and influencing the behaviour of travel suppliers, they can help tourism in Laos, Thailand and Cambodia to become more responsible, and consequently lead to a better quality of life for local residents, a better and more enjoyable holiday experience for guests.


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They help smaller providers (guest-houses) to be marketed internationally, even sometimes when they do not get any profit from it. The work done helps to distribute the revenues of the tourism industry better throughout local communities, while supporting the preservation of their culture and environment.

One of Teamworkz’ goals is to try to ensure that the destinations benefit. They are making attempts to minimise travellers’ carbon footprint. To estimate the value of their carbon footprint, they use a combination of Sustainable Travel International and ClimateCare, and then in partnership with Sunlabob use these funds to target low income families with no access to electricity in remote, rural areas and supply them with solar-powered lanterns that can also be used to run electrical appliances.

They have started trying to influence the behaviour of tourists to mitigate their negative impact on the destinations.  On their Luang Prabang page they posted guidelines on how tourists should behave around the Tak Bat Morning Alms collection by the monks – a situation that has caused distress to local residents and monks alike.  More details of this can be seen at

Employment contracts include holiday and sick pay, access to training courses, medical insurance, safe and favourable working conditions, and free lunches – Lao Labour Law is fully met and even exceeded.

Contact details

105 A, Fa Ngum Road, Ban Seethan Neua, Vientiane Capital
Tel:   +856 (0)21 262 530


Teamworkz: Vientiane.


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