Join with one of the longest running locally-owned, locally-operated travel companies in Cambodia to experience a holiday that will impact positively on the lives of the people you meet.

What to experience ?

Established in the early days of tourism in Cambodia, Hanuman has consistently sought to encourage visitors to spend more time in the country, visiting not only the majestic temples of Angkor, the quixotic capital Phnom Penh and the blissful beaches of the south coast, but other less-travelled destinations such as Ratanakiri, Kratie and Battambang.

But Hanuman takes it further by taking visitors deeper into the country. Their latest ‘Good Cause Cambodia’ tour takes travellers around Cambodia on a 14 day/13 night unforgettable experience. The journey is designed to support their motto of ‘Responsible Tourism, the right way’.

Making a positive impact on the lives of local people is a key theme running of this journey throughout Cambodia. It begins in Phnom Penh where travellers can experience two culinary-linked projects that provide hospitality training to disadvantaged children. The beach resort of Sihanoukville is the backdrop for child welfare and educational projects that create a safe environment and a platform for children to express their creative talents. In Battambang, the town’s circus and art school offers a unique show before you enjoy a night under the stars in a signature temple safari at the remote temple fortress of Banteay Chhmar.

In addition to the not so well known sites of Cambodia, Hanuman will also show you the glorious monuments of Angkor, as they share centre stage with responsible tourism projects that benefit the local community including training for the blind and those affected by landmine injuries.


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School kids

How does it help ?

Like all travel agents, Hanuman brings much benefit to Cambodia by encouraging visitors to stay as long as possible, but takes them deeper into Cambodia, spreading their spending far and wide.

Inspired by many guests asking ‘How can we help?’, Hanuman decided to provide a bridge between visitors and NGOs working in Cambodia. Hanuman has taken this to a new level with several innovations over the years. Firstly Hanuman has always supported responsible tourism projects, ecotourism initiatives and NGO-related ‘good cause’ tourism.

They take travellers into the northeast provinces of the country, to remote villages and areas, so they have a better understanding of the differing cultures and ways of life across the country. Hanuman operate lifestyle-type programs, taking visitors into homes, farms, markets, cottage-industries, organizations and community projects that have a direct and positive impact on the people and communities concerned, whether its through monetary donations or help in the form of building wells, donating mosquito nets or bicycles and creating small job opportunities where none previously existed.

Contact details

#12 St 310, Phnom Penh
Phone: (+855) 23 218396



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