In Bangkok, purchase beautiful, handmade, fairly traded handicrafts and organic groceries directly from the Thai artisans who made them with love, confident that there has been no exploitation of people or the environment.

What can you buy and learn ?

THAICRFAT Jewelry made from recycled paper
Jewelry made from recycled paper

ThaiCraft has brought art and craft lovers exquisite handcrafted products from the village communities of Thailand for over 20 years. A group of more than 60 artisans contribute to a wide array of handmade jewellery, silks, baskets, cutlery, spa products, organic groceries, toys and more. Most of the products reflect the different cultures found in Thailand. Your purchases help to keep these traditions alive, while catalysing new waves of contemporary creativity.

Best of all, you can actually meet the producers, talk to them about their crafts, processes, and the advantages of fair trade at ThaiCraft fairs, held approximately every 2 weeks in Bangkok. Dates are posted on ThaiCraft’s website:

These are really inspiring events, which should not be missed on a trip to Bangkok. You can even travel to the source and meet fair trade producers in their own villages, through sister company Phu Phiang.

ThaiCraft also offer a comprehensive worldwide export service.

How does it help ?

“Respect and admiration from customers and visitors sends a message to ethnic groups that the preservation of their culture is important to society at large and not just to themselves.”

THAICRAFT, cards painted by autistic children, Thailand
Cards painted by autistic children

The organisation ensures fair trade practices and principles, adds variety, quality control and professional service.

ThaiCraft aims to generate a fair income for village producers, help keep alive the diverse craft traditions of Thailand, and promote fair trade. ThaiCraft assists disadvantaged communities – ethnic minorities, those seeking relief from natural disasters, people with disabilities, families trying to avoid the dispersal caused by urban migration – to become social entrepreneurs and achieve self-sufficiency. The income and profits from community enterprises are helping producers to develop products and markets.

ThaiCraft is a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO). Over 20 years, ThaiCraft has maintained close and continuing contact with partner producer groups. Artisans learn about marketing and, confident to relate to outsiders and present their crafts and culture to the world, meet their customers face to face as they become effective, sustainable micro-enterprises.

ThaiCraft also work with the craftspeople to conserve their natural surroundings, ensure new growth, and install new, appropriate supply systems to manage water and waste.

ThaiCraft meets regularly with representatives of every producer group and conducts seminars and meetings with groups taking part in the twice-monthly fairs. ThaiCraft’s planning and operation always takes into account the producers’ perspective, and managers discuss these issues with producers collectively as well as individually.


Contact details

ThaiCraft Fair Trade Co., Ltd.
242 Soi Akharn Songkroh,
Akhan Songkroh Sai 15 Road,
Thung Wat Don
Sathorn, Bangkok, 10120
Phone 02-676-0636(7,8)
Website: and



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