Kanchanaburi’s Thai Wisdom Centre sells organic food and drinks, herbal cosmetics, nature friendly clothes and decorations, and courses on Thai wellness and meditation.

What  to experience ?

Kanchanaburi’s Thai Wisdom Thailand

Emerald Tea at the Thai Wisdom Center

The Thai Wisdom Centre is a unique group of 83 local entrepreneurs committed to conservation and green living. They offer you a one-stop-service from great green grub to an herbal scrub.

The variety of products is inspiring, including delicious organic fruits and snacks, herbal cosmetics, medicinal herbs, exotic powders and even environmentally friendly citronella mosquito repellent.

Try a cup of amber tea for “long life power;” go natural chic with handmade coconut shell bracelets and belts; or dig deeper by learning about traditional Thai medicine and meditation.

The centre is a genuine group effort. Local community members who you support through your purchases include housewives, farmers, community leaders, local government, teachers, nurses, police officers, veterinarians, pharmacists, scientists, employees, and owners of local SMEs.

The Thai Wisdom Centre organizes cultural exchange visits to local communities in the area, giving guests the chance to experience local life and meet the producers of their natural products.

Lectures and interviews can also be arranged for Thai and international guests on sustainable tourism, green business development, quality of life, environment, and cultural conservation. 

How does it help ?

Thai Wisdom Kanchanaburi Co. Ltd. enables local community members to share in the development of an environmentally conscious business. To bring this unique concept to life, the partners/shareholders raised funds and made donations ranging from 100 Baht to 100,000 Baht.

Thai Wisdom opened its doors for business on the 5th of April 2003, with a product line ranging from Herbal Candy to herbal remedies.  The goal of the Thai Wisdom Centre is for the producers to earn a decent livelihood whilst simultaneously saving local wildlife, environment and culture.

The green businesses, which share the centre, allow local people to be owners and active participants in the governance of a company, earn income while maintaining independence and promoting an environmentally, morally and socially responsible method of doing business.

The centre educates community producers to develop herbal products and souvenirs as well as to manage and operate micro-enterprises. Community members learn how to use computers, practice English, and maintain their way of life that enhances cross-cultural exchange.

Today, more than 40 local people hold shares in the company, linked as a network of green initiatives. Most products are from the local area. All staff are local and have social welfare.

A micro Green power plant, which is one of the centre’s successful members and case studies produces energy from sugar waste for nearby households and sells surplus to the national grid.


Contact Details

Thai Wisdom Kanchanaburi Co.,Ltd.
158 Moo 5, Tambon Singh, Amphoe Saiyok, Kanchanaburi 71150, Thailand
Phone Number : 034-532071 |  Fax: 034-532072
E-mail: info@thailandwisdom.com
Website: www.thaiwisdomcenter.com and www.thailandwisdom.com