The Family Tree offers visitors to Hua Hin unrivalled opportunities to buy beautiful, handmade, ethically traded Thai arts and crafts, supporting local communities, reforestation, youth work and charities.

What can you experience?

The Family Tree, Hua Hin, Thailand
Inside the shop

The Family Tree was planted to share and sustain Thailand’s cultural heritage by offering authentic crafts and the stories behind them to discerning craft lovers. Operated according to the principle of fair trade, the Family Tree showcases exquisite village arts, which are being threatened by the trends of globalisation and mass production. The team sources all products from local community groups, as well as exceptional independent, Thai artisans.

Treasures include 100% natural-dyed, hand spun and woven Thai silks; handmade silver including stunning ethnic designs; natural cosmetics and colourful batik bags and purses. The Family tree’s signature product is a deep, pure black silk, dyed from ebony fruits which can only be harvested once per year, making it an extremely rare fabric.

Other highlights include oil paintings of traditional life and festivals in Thailand, and inspiring recycled creations!

There is something for everyone. Fun, hands-on workshops are also held regularly where visitors to the shop can learn how to make your own silver and silk jewellery, paying only for the costs of the materials which you use.

How does it help?

The Family Tree, 7 Naresdamri Road, Hua Hin, Thailand
Tree Planting In Chaiyaphum

The Family Tree is a labour of love. In 2006, Manager Khun Premruethai helped 30 Thai women to set up ‘Tae Moh Hai’ or ‘Our Friends’ Hands’ group. The group make natural dyed Thai silks, cut and stitch bags and clothing.

Since then, Khun Premruethai has facilitated training and resources from local government and the private sector to build the women’s skills in dying, sewing, cutting and packaging. She helped to create markets for community products which created regular, additional income for poor and indebted families in Thailand’s north-east.

The Family Tree was the next big step. All products are sourced direct from local community producers around the country, to whom the Family Tree team guarantee a fair price. To ensure this, the shop works in partnership with the ThaiCraft network, according to a partnership agreement facilitated by ThaiCraft for the Family Tree.

The Family Tree prioritises environmentally friendly products and producers.  However, the Family Tree team also recognises that moving village crafts towards strict environmental sustainability is a long-term process. To balance this, the team works very hard to plant and replenish natural resources, especially …. trees.

The core of the shop’s environmental commitment is tree planting and youth work, undertaken through a project initiated in Chaiyaphum, north-east Thailand: Greener Tomorrow – the Family Tree promises that for every 1,000 Baht spent in the shop, at least 1 tree will be planted.

The Family Tree shop was also designed based on the principles of low energy. Existing features were renovated and included in the shop design, so that natural resources would not be wasted.

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Contact Details

Ms. Premruethai Tosermkit,
7 Naresdamri Road, Hua Hin 77110.
Tel: +66 (0) 81 809 5083


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