Where to Shop in Thailand

  • Crafts, Culture and Community: The Family Tree Fair Trade Store in Hua Hin

    The Family Tree offers visitors to Hua Hin unrivalled opportunities to buy beautiful, handmade, ethically traded Thai arts and crafts, supporting local communities, reforestation, youth work and charities. What can you experience? Inside the shop The Family Tree was planted to share and sustain Thailand’s cultural heritage by offering authentic crafts and the stories behind […]

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  • Hill Tribe Museum and Education Centre in Chiang Rai

    Visit the Hill tribe museum in Chiang Rai for insights into local life in Mekong’s tribal communities. Get informed before heading off on a hill tribe trek. What to experience ? The Hill tribe Museum is an essential first stop before visiting any tribal village in Northern Thailand, Laos, Myanmar or even China, as these […]

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  • Green business network to conserve Thai nature and culture

    Kanchanaburi’s Thai Wisdom Centre sells organic food and drinks, herbal cosmetics, nature friendly clothes and decorations, and courses on Thai wellness and meditation. What  to experience ? The Thai Wisdom Centre is a unique group of 83 local entrepreneurs committed to conservation and green living. They offer you a one-stop-service from great green grub to […]

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  • Fair Trade and Ethical Trekking at Thai Tribal Crafts

    Shop for beautiful, local handicrafts, produced by ethnic minority peoples in Northern Thailand, confident that your money is supporting a committed Fair Trade organisation. What to experience ? Thai Tribal Crafts is a registered Fair Trade Organization, which has worked for over 25 years to improve the livelihoods of Northern Thailand’s Akha, Hmong, Karen, Lahu, […]

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  • Women artisans WEAVE a better life!

    Beautiful, high-quality, handmade, natural-dyed, ethnic crafts, clothes and accessories, helping hill tribe Thai women and refugees from Myanmar to support their families. What to experience ? WEAVE’s Fair Trade Shop in Mae Sot WEAVE women blend traditional knowledge of weaving and embroidery with new sewing patterns to make eye-catching handicrafts, ranging from household items to […]

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  • ThaiCraft brings you face to face with Fair trade

    In Bangkok, purchase beautiful, handmade, fairly traded handicrafts and organic groceries directly from the Thai artisans who made them with love, confident that there has been no exploitation of people or the environment. What can you buy and learn ? Jewelry made from recycled paper ThaiCraft has brought art and craft lovers exquisite handcrafted products […]

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