Green Leaf FoundationThe Greenleaf Foundation’s hotel certification system offers peace of mind to travellers wanting to check in and chill out without heating up the world !

What is Green Leaf Foundation ?

Greenleaf Certification is a classification program to assess hotels on their environmental performance and recognise their commitment to environmental conservation. The stringent in-house program fosters environmentally friendly practices, including efficient use and management of energy and water, recycling, waste management, and policies that favour the purchase of products and services from committed environmentally friendly companies.

Thailand’s pioneering Greenleaf Foundation gives the Green light to a spectrum of Thai accommodation, from smaller boutique resorts to larger hotels. It is the only existing certification system for environmentally friendly accommodation in the Mekong region.

Some Greenleaf accommodations promote their green initiatives to guests very actively,, requesting your help to save water and power, and even inviting you to join their current activities like planting trees, joining a beach clean-up or chipping in on Children’s Day.

Other hotels are more demure about their green initiatives. They manage water, waste, energy and other issues behind the scenes, while guests relax and enjoy peace and quiet.

Whether you are looking for a clean, green haven or want to stretch your green fingers and get in touch with Mother Earth, Greenleaf Certified hotels guarantee a good night’s sleep!

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How does it help?

With a motto of “Save money. Save the environment”, the Green Leaf Foundation helps hotels to become more environmentally friendly, and save money through more efficient operation, from guest rooms to kitchen and laundry facilities.

Greenleaf emerged from an acknowledgement by the Thai tourism industry that global warming has become a pressing issue, and that action must be taken now to protect natural resources and safeguard the future. The industry accepted that it has an important role in reducing greenhouse emissions and acting in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Several Thai and international organisations joined hands to establish the Green Leaf Foundation, including The Tourism Authority of Thailand, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, Metropolitan Waterworks Authority, United Nations Environment Program, Thai Hotels Association, and the Association for Development of Environmental Quality.

The main activities of the Green Leaf Foundation focus on mitigating and adapting to climate change by saving energy.

Hotels complete three auditing questionnaires, followed by verification by an independent team of international organisations. A hotel may be awarded from 1 to 5 green leaves, indicating the hotel’s achievements in management and resource efficiency.

Another part of the initiative is the Health Promotion Hotel Programme, which implemented a smoke-free environment for hotels, and promotes health tourism across the entire industry. Cost-savings from all activities are passed along to customers.

Greenleaf Smoke Free Poster

Green Leaf Smoke Free Poster

Contact details

Green Leaf Foundation
1600 Tourism Authority of Thailand Building,
New Phetchaburi Road, Makkasan, Ratchathewi,
Bangkok 10400, Thailand
Tel: +662 652 8321, +662-250-5500 # 2064