GECKO villa LOGOAn eco-friendly private villa in emerald paddy fields …strike your own balance between tranquillity, making local friends, eating organic and exploring life in Thailand’s unspoilt north-east…

What to experience ?

Gecko Villa offers guests the chance to experience traditional rural life in the rice-farming heartlands of Northeast Thailand, yet in comfort and without the normal language barriers encountered in the area.

rice farm
Rice field

Gecko Villa nestles in 20 hectares of gardens, orchards, woodlands, pastures and rice paddies, in the heart of Isaan, Thailand’s vibrant north-east, renowned for its living culture and friendly people.

It is located 20 km SE of Udon Thani, near the northern shore of Nong Han lake near Gumphawapee.

The standalone, three-bedroom villa celebrates the cultural and artistic wealth of the region, from traditional Isaan silks, cottons, cushions and Isaan-heritage Ban Chiang pottery, to the emphasis on fresh organic ingredients in the property’s gardens. Modern facilities are just as impressive, from the comfortable, spacious rooms to its private swimming pool.

On arrival you will be met by the villagers who own and manage the villa. Fully catered and serviced, and accommodating a maximum of six guests at a time, Gecko Villa was designed for a warm welcome. Your Thai host family will be happy to accompany you to explore the local area.

Learn to cook sumptuous local Isaan or Thai dishes; explore on foot or by bike: temples, villages, lakes and farms. Fish at the large nearby lake and meet a host of local characters. Offer alms to the Buddhist monks, learn about traditional hunting and food gathering techniques, or observe the seasons by helping to plant or harvest green or golden rice fields…celebrate to the rhythm of the “Mor Lam” dance, or relax with a traditional Thai massage. Visit the UNESCO world heritage site of Ban Chiang, or head to the Mekong River.

How does it help ?

Gecko Villa, located in one of Thailand’s poorest provinces, was created using only local skills and labour, and applies strict policies of local employment, use of local products, and the preservation of indigenous traditions. All revenues are distributed among those involved from the local community.

This has allowed staff to send their children to school, and to pay for medical care. The creation of local employment has prevented the migration of parents to Bangkok and thus kept families from being separated.

Gecko villa was constructed on disused rice paddies. The team has planted organic herb and fruit orchards, practises recycling, and has reforested several acres with indigenous species to help restore local ecosystems. Water is naturally scarce at the property. Rainwater is used, alongside natural filtration and sterilisation. The swimming pool is salt based, chlorine-free, and energy efficiency is optimised.

Gecko ensures that neighbours are not disrupted by tourism. It markets to attract visitors who are interested in experiencing the ‘real’ Thailand. Contact with local people is based on respect, by bicycle or boat not minibus! The need to help preserve traditional local culture and ways of life are explained to guests at the property and online.

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Contact details

Gecko Villa
126 Moo 13, Baan Um Jaan, A. Prajak Sinlapakom, 41110 Udon Thani, Thailand
Tel: +66 (0) 81 9180500 (English, Thai)



Marker indicates Udon Thani town, not where the Gecko villa is located.