Tacomepai Organic Permaculture Farm in Pai… get back to the earth, learn the traditional wisdom of people and nature… heaven for green-fingered, big-hearted, happy hippies !

What can you experience ?

Welcome to TacompaiTacomepai organic farm in Pai, Mae Hong Son province, aims to protect and promote traditionnal, sustainable ways of life. Tacomepai began as a personal quest to escape the rat race by founder Sandot Sukkaew, and grew into an active community of volunteers, local residents, guests and travellers all working to preserve customs, traditions and the environment.

Travellers searching for a ‘back to mother earth’ experience will feel welcome and at home as soon as they arrive. The farm gives local people and guests chances to educate, raise awareness, and motivate positive change in an inspiring and creative environment.

Tacomepai has its own unique charm and offers a great opportunity to get actively involved in farm life, and share knowledge in organic farming, bamboo construction, herbal medicine, modern permaculture and traditional customs and practices. Bamboo, natural building and permaculture design courses teach you about self-sufficiency and how to tune into nature.

You can learn the design principles and methods used in permaculture including composting, tree ecology, sustainable architecture, water conservation, organic gardening, and more.

However, do be prepared for basic living standards. You will stay in traditional bamboo bungalows – inexpensive and far from luxurious. Tacomepai has a communal kitchen and eating area where you can learn to cook fresh, local Thai food, meet like-minded people, play music and enjoy a friendly communal atmosphere… reconnecting with the important things in life.

How does it help ?

Tacompai Organic Farm Northern ThailandTacomepai has rejuvenated 20 acres of completely barren land – creating a healthy ecosystem with ponds, streams, a small forest, and sustainable agriculture projects, which have in turn brought diverse species of animal and reptiles. This was accomplished by rejuvenating ancient techniques in agriculture, arts and crafts, housing design, sustainability, and food production.

Tacomepai hosts a number of opportunities in which tourists (at little or no cost) partake in activities alongside locals, such as permaculture design courses; organic gardening; natural building; cooking local food; reforestation projects; arts and crafts production; trekking for natural foods and medicines, as well as supporting and celebrating local activities such as festivals, weddings, local and traditional music and musical instrument production, and holiday celebrations.

Sandot and his team of volunteers engage in community education projects, encouraging the community to recycle, reduce the use of plastics, reduce carbon emissions (alternatives to slash and burn), water conservation, and practise sustainable and regenerative food production projects.

Tacomepai employs local craftsmen to teach courses such as: weaving, bamboo craftwork, blacksmithing, cooking, trekking, and other traditional and local activities. Weekly bamboo courses teach ancient techniques in bamboo construction. Additionally, Tacomepai offer Permaculture design certification courses throughout the year – available to locals at no cost.


Contact Details

01 Moo 9, Baan Tin Tart, Tambol Tung Yao, Amphur Pai
Mae Hong Son 58130, Thailand
Mobile : +66 (08) 6 – 1123504
E-mail : tacomepai@gmail.comhomeayone@yahoo.co.th


Marker indicates Pai not where Tacompai Organic Permaculture Farm is exactly …

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