The Spa Koh Chang Resort, Health and Wellness Sanctuary is a green oasis, located in tranquil Salak Kok bay, in eastern Koh Chang.

What to experience ?

Spa Koh Chang ThailandSpa Koh Chang is Koh Chang’s first health destination. ‘Fasting for cleansing’ is their definitive detox program based on Dr.Richard Anderson’s health concept. The cleansing menu includes such delicacies as fresh fruit juices, vegetable broth, coconut water with herbal supplements, chomper for intestinal cleansing, white floral grow acidophilus bacteria and self administered colonic irrigation using Colema board!

The full health package adds a soothing twist with massage therapy, (specializing in stomach massage), anti cellulite massage, yoga and meditation, herbal steam bath, far infrared sauna, breathing exercises, gentle exercise and many healing treatments, Reiki or Lotus touch.

For a break, enjoy a dip in the resort’s natural sea salt treated swimming pool, paddle a kayak into the beautiful Salak Kok  Bay or travel around the island. Your options include free use of mountain bikes and kayaks, elephant trekking, the Tree Tops adventure park, visiting a fishing village, or a sunset fishing boat cruise with Salak Kok community based tourism.Cottages and rooms at Spa Koh Chang combine a natural, tropical style with convenience and comfort. Kick back and sample organic, vegetarian, raw and certified Halal foods at the Radiance Restaurant, one of ‘the 50 best restaurants in the world (Restaurant Magazine)’.


Green Leaf certification

How does it help ?

The Spa Koh Chang Resort is a health destination with high environmental consciousness. The hotel operates a zero waste management policy without plastic bags, or foam meal boxes. Linen towels are reused instead of tissue paper for hand washing, solid waste is separated and recycled, and wet solid waste from the kitchen is fermented and converted into biogas. The resort’s healthy menus are created according to the low carbon consumption principle.

More than half the staff are local people. The resort sources local foods and souvenirs from nearby Salak kok and Salak Phet communities, including sea food, young coconuts, organic vegetables and handicrafts grown and made in local communities. The resort proactively supports Community Based Tourism (CBT), encouraging their guests to participate in local CBT programs with local guides to explore the mangroves and beautiful Salak Kok Bay.

On the social side, Spa Koh Chang also sell food and drinks at the annual Salak Kok temple fair, and donate their earnings to good causes. In 2009, they raised over $300 USD for Salak kok temple. In addition, the resort encourages their guests to experience and learn about Thai culture, by inviting them to participate in national and local festivals.

Spa Koh Chang has been actively engaged in sustainable tourism projects with the Designated Areas of Sustainable Tourism Administration, Thailand community based tourism Institute (CBT-I), the Thai Ecotourism and Adventure Travel Association (TEATA) CSR-MAP project,  GTZ, Thai – German cooperation in climate friendly tourism in Trat and Kohchang clusters.


Contact Details

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