In Koh Tao, South Thailand, learn to dive and interact with the underwater world in a positive way… Get informed of global threats to reefs and learn how you can help. Gain skills in coral reef ecology, research, and restoration. Participate in conservation and learn valuable skills to apply around the globe.

What to experience?

Diver performing reef check, New Heaven Reef ConservationNew Heaven offers different programmes such as a short 3-day course that includes a marine ecology lecture, a dive to perform a reef check, a research dive at the Biorock, a dive at coral nurseries and an underwater clean-up.

Longer courses give a more in-depth understanding of specific research and restoration techniques used by global professionals, and include SSI Ecological and SSI/Save Koh Tao Ecological Monitoring Programme certifications.

All of the course prices include SCUBA equipment, diving, and course materials. Students’ fees allow New Heaven Dive School to fund and continue many great projects on the island.

In addition to diving, guests can enjoy a warm, friendly atmosphere and a wide variety of other activities such as Yoga, meditation, apnea diving, and photography. New Heaven also hosts regular events such as festivals, environmental movie nights, film contests, photo contests, etc.

How does it help ?

The New Heaven Reef Conservation School protects the resources that local fishing families rely on for their food security; educates local people and involves them in projects; and allows free participation for local people and Thai students. They share data on reef health with researchers and students, and support local conservation groups. The New Heaven Reef Conservation Program has also helped four other neighbouring dive centres on Koh Tao set up their own conservation or reef management programmes.

The New Heaven Reef Conservation Program has trained hundreds of Thai students. They initiated 2 globally recognised environmental certification programmes to complement normal dive certifications.

Divers are trained and involved in a wide variety of biological or ecological research programmes that help to identify negative trends in reef health or the threats and sources causing damage. Once threats are realised, the local community is involved in restoration activities to help relieve pressure on marine resources and implement more responsible business practices.

The school has established mooring buoys, shallow reef closure zones, and other zoning practices to protect local reefs around the island. They adapted reef sites for monitoring, protection, reporting, and enforcement; they operate daily restoration and research projects aimed at assessing or increasing reef health. They experiment with artificial reefs, coral/fish/giant clam nurseries, Biorock Technology, sea turtles releases/head-starting programmes…

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Contact details

Devrim Zahir and Chad Scott
48 Moo 3, Chalok Ban Kao, Koh Tao, Suratthani, TH, 84360
Telephone: 077-457-045
Cell: 089-210-8920, 084-745-1507


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