Khanom Fishing and Tour invite you to hop onboard their award-winning programme, a unique recipe of island hopping, sacred insights and coastal conservation in the Gulf of Thailand !

What to experience ?

Khanon Fishing and Tours, South Thailand, Gulf of Thailand, Surathani, Koh samui,

Kayak tour

Khanom Fishing and Tour, based in Kanom, a quiet coastal district, south of Surathani (the base for travel to Koh Samui island) have 14 years experience in tourism. The company owns a fishing gear shop, tour office, restaurant and souvenir shop.

The team have crafted a journey which allows you to escape overdeveloped, sun and sea tourism, to connect with nature and catch a glimpse into local fishers’ lives.

Enjoy unspoiled scenery in “Moo Koh Thalay Tai”, “The South Sea Island National park,” en route to Taled Bay, home of Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphins, known as pink dolphins by the locals.

Check out the local landmark, Pancake Rock, before travelling on to Nui Nok island. Here, you can pay respect to the revered Buddhist image, Luang Por Tuad. At the sacred fresh water well, your guide will tell you the local legends which make this site a cornerstone of fishers’ faith.

After lunch, it’s time to plant sea grass! Or mangrove ? This inspiring activity directly supports the environment and community by creating a nursery for marine life, and enriching ocean food chains in the Khanom area, the only district with sea grass in Nakhon Sri Thammarat province

Alternative tour programmes focus on local ways of life, Thai wisdom and agriculture. You can join the locals to learn about rice planting and milling, fruit orchards, buffalo and rubber tapping.

How does it help ?

Kanom Fishing and Tour team gradually became more aware of the importance of conserving natural resources in Khano, in particular pink dolphins and mangroves. They formed a plan to link ecotourism with corporate social responsibility, to reduce pollution and create a new food bank for marine life. And they started to engage other villagers into their action.

New programmes were designed, travelling by kayak to experience real nature out at sea, visit sacred sites and participate in sea grass and mangrove planting, benefiting fishers and the sea.

Khanom Fishing encourage villagers to suggest local products and tourist activities. Local tour guides present local livelihoods and products in gardens or farms. Guests join in typical activities together with the villagers. Their restaurant sources all fresh seafood from local fishermen.

The company give accurate information to guests about how to conserve marine life. They support a special project to protect pink dolphins, the “Pink dolphin of Thailand Trust” (PDOTT).


  • 2010 Thailand Tourism Award
  • 2009 and 2010 Thailand Tourism guide awards


Contact Details

Khanom Fishing and Tour
40/23 Moo 2 Khanom, Nakhon Si Thammarat 80210 Thailand
Tel. Mobile: +66 814777028  +66 813003678
Telephone : (+66) 075326573 Fax : (+66) 075326645


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