The defining sea canoe experience for nature lovers.  Paddle from Phuket on day trips, mini expeditions, or a week ‘on the wings of the white belly sea eagle.’

What to experience ?

Koh Hong Pinnacle, John Grey Sea Canoe, Phuket Thailand

Koh Hong Pinnacle

Since 1983, John Grey Sea Canoe has inspired nature lovers with passion and professionalism, a torch now proudly held up by John’s team of expert Thai eco-guides and expedition cooks.

Hong by Starlight is the signature trip. Spend an afternoon paddling through caves and exploring ‘Hong’ systems. Expert guides will illuminate the history, wildlife and ecosystem of these unique sites. Paddlers usually explore at least four different caves and hongs, with a swim and free paddle, before enjoying a Thai seafood buffet dinner mesmerised by the spectacular sunset on Phang Nga Bay.

After dinner, JGSC’s team will help you to make your own Kratong. Sharing a mystic moment, you will pay respect to the spirit of water with floats laden with flowers, candles and incense….

Three days / two nights trips get you deeper into the remarkable limestone landscape of Phang Nga Bay. Explore secret spots in hongs, mangrove estuaries, and colourful limestone cliffs filled with White Belly sea eagles, Bramany kites, Brown Fish Owls, several species of kingfishers, three primate species, Water Monitors, sea otters and more. The weeklong ‘wings of the white belly sea eagle’ trip weaves an extra three nights and days paddling pristine Tarutao in the far south.

An English-speaking guide accompanies every two guests, sharing insights into Thai life.

How does it help ?

John Grey Sea Canoe founder, John “Ling Yai” Grey chose the sea kayak as his transport of choice precisely because of its low environmental impact. Through program design and guide training, JGSC has developed profound nature explorations that have virtually zero impacts.

John and his team engage in many forms of environmental activism, including marine rubbish clean-ups, village activism, journalism, natural history education, keynote speeches, government relations, lecturing at the university level, producing documentaries and educational media.

John Gray dedicates over 50% of his time to pro bono environmental work. He works with the Thailand Environmental Institute and National Parks on sustainability; teaches Coastal Tourism Management at Prince of Songkla University-Phuket; lectures, trains, lobbies and writes prolifically on conservation issues. Between 2009-11, JGSC’s Prince of Songkla University-Phuket Clean-Up of Phang Nga Bay matched University contributions of B1, 000 per student to a total of B176, 000.

JGSC work environment is characterized by training, respect, fair pay, job longevity, virtually no turn-over and an all-Thai staff inspired by conservation.  Most of the original hire from June 1990 is still with the company. JGSC operates an equal work for equal pay policy. JGSC employs three women paddle guides; compensated the same as male guides.  Female cooks make the same as regular paddle guides.  Experienced sea kayak guides earn an excellent salary.


SKAL Ecotourism Award (Transportation) for 2008.


Contact Details

John Gray’s SeaCanoe, Ltd.
124/1 Yaowaraj Road Phuket, Thailand 93000
Tel: +66-76-254-505  | Fax:  +66-76.226.077



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