The Thai Ecotourism and Adventure Travel Association (TEATA) is a national body for ecotourism and adventure. TEATA’s members get you closer to Thailand’s nature, arts, culture and people.

What  to experience ?

TEATA seek to preserve the best aspects of Thai tourism, such as warm Thai hospitality and attention to detail, while using our local knowledge to craft better experiences for guests, local Thai communities and the precious natural world which we share”.


TEATA on the road

On the Road

Are you searching for inspiration, insight, friendship and self-discovery? Do you hope to travel with companies that put the welfare of destinations and people at the heart of their travel experiences?

TEATA’s member companies, located around Thailand, are experts in a wide range of nature and adventure activities, all pledged to the goals of low-impact and sustainable tourism.

TEATA members offer tourists the whole gamut of outdoor activities, including birdwatching, star-gazing, scuba diving, jungle trekking, kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking, nature interpretation and camping, community-based tourism, and wildlife conservation.

‘TEATA Green Routes’ are operated by specialist members of TEATA, and are led by trained ‘eco-tour guides’. Programmes offer guests unique opportunities to stay in green hotels, enjoy ecotourism activities, and experience culture and nature with local people.


TEATA’s members have consistently been awarded “excellent” and “outstanding” at the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s highly coveted “Thailand Tourism Awards.”

How does it help?

Founded in 1997, TEATA has been at the forefront of the movement to discover a green path towards a more sustainable Thai tourism industry. TEATA is a pioneering, non-profit association with over 50 members: tour operators, nature resorts, academics, an eco-adventure magazine, and regional tourism groups. TEATA members have expertise in different kinds of outdoor activities and work together to put the ideals of ecotourism into practice.

TEATA’s principles include minimising the negative impacts of tourism and conserving nature and culture; supporting and encouraging local involvement in tourism and directing benefits to local communities; educating tourists by raising awareness of environmental conservation and appreciation of cultural differences; being socially responsible and using sound planning and management to ensure the industry’s long-term social and economic sustainability.

In practice, TEATA works alongside members to develop responsible eco-adventure tourism standards. TEATA provide expert training in culture and nature interpretation, and invites guest speakers to talk about hot topics such as climate change and child rights with their members. TEATA shares information on tourism best practices around Thailand and around the world.


Contact details

Mr. Weera Bumrungsee,
President of TEATA,
133/14 Ratchaprarob, Makkasan, Ratchatewee
10400 Bangkok Thailand
Telephone +66-642-5465
Fax number: +66-642-5466

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