The Thailand Community Based Tourism Network (CBT-N) assists a pioneering group of Thai communities to offer visitors living and learning experiences of rural Thai life.

What to experience ?

Community Based Tourism (CBT) programmes are crafted based on special elements of local lifestyle, culture, people and nature that community members feel proud of and choose to share with guests. CBT programmes are planned and managed by community members, working together in a ‘CBT Group’.

Team With The Villagers, Community-based tourism Network, Thailand

Team With The Villagers, CBT-N

You experience and learn about local life and nature through fun, ‘hands-on’ activities led by community tour guides… Enjoy jungle trekking, traditional fishing, or collecting fruit from an orchard. Try your hand at natural dying, learning village dances or cooking local dishes, while supporting community development and conservation.

You stay with a host family in a homestay, a community-owned lodge, or even a community campsite. Accommodation is local style. You can expect things to be clean, safe, and welcoming, but community members cannot offer luxury or hotel standards.

Special dishes are prepared, made from typical local ingredients. Guests can often join your host families to collect fresh ingredients from the garden or orchard, and may also help to cook if you wish. Pure drinking water is provided.

Guests meet a variety of welcoming, interesting people in the village, from homestay families, community tour guides, craftsmen, performers, community leaders, students and teachers, to village elders and other interesting characters. ‘Thai-English language sheets’ help guests to break the ice (with body language and a sense of humour!)

Local people’s central role in the CBT programme creates a particularly enthusiastic and welcoming atmosphere. Cultural exchange is more profound than on regular village tours. The lives of local people are also intimately connected with the natural world. CBT activities bring this relationship alive, adding a new depth to your enjoyment and appreciation of nature. Your visit contributes towards conservation. Local people benefit through additional income, skills, self-confidence and a healthy environment.

How does it help ?

The CBT-N Coordination Centre, based in Chiang Mai, plays a vital role by providing information about community based tourism around Thailand to tourists, responsible tour operator partners, the government, NGOs and academics interested in CBT.

CBT-N is the place to go for information about local experiences in every corner of the country. CBT-N does not operate tours, but can give you information about the member communities. CBT-N can also recommend excellent selected ‘partner’ tour operators, who can organise a full programme (with transport, English speaking guides, etc).

CBT-N developed from work conducted since the mid nineties by the Thailand Research Fund (TRF) Regional Office and the Thailand Community Based Tourism Institute (CBT-I), based in Chiang Mai. These organisations have been working for over 10 years to assist local Thai communities to better manage the impacts and benefits of tourism.

Initially, community members were assisted in conducting ‘community based research,’ to explore their potential to welcome guests. Interested communities went on to establish Community Based Groups, and develop programmes for guests to experience and learn about local life. Communities meet each other regularly to share experiences, leading to a CBT Network of almost forty communities around Thailand.

Contact Details

Thiratee Chaijaree
CBT-N Coordinator
3rd Faculty of Agro-Industry, Chiangmai University,
Muang, Chiangmai 50100. Thailand
Tel.+66-53 948286-7  | Fax : +66 5380 7001
Mobile : +668 1111 4871
E-mail :
Skype :  thiratee

The Thailand Community Based Tourism Institute  (CBT-I)

Communities that choose to develop CBT require several phases of training to develop the knowledge and skills which enable them to welcome guests, work with partners in the tourism industry, and ensure that tourism benefits local people and the environment. This training includes feasibility studies, tourism planning, establishing a local CBT Group, and learning how to manage, operate, market and monitor CBT.

Training, Community-based tourism Network, Thailand

Training, CBT-N


The Thailand Community Based Tourism Institute (CBT-I) provides technical training to CBT groups, assisting local people to develop activities, programmes, prices, booking systems and other essential elements of a successful tour. They benefit from learning how to distribute tourism benefits among the group and wider community, through rotation systems and contributing income to Community or Environment Funds.

CBT-I trains and advises the CBT Network, and works with the government and the private sector to advocate and coordinate support for the CBT Network and communities.

Contact details

Potjana  Suansri (Noi)
Thailand Community Based Tourism Institute (CBT-I)
3rd Faculty of Agro-Industry, Chiangmai University,
Muang, Chiangmai 50100. Thailand
Tel.+66-53 948286-7    Fax.+66-53 807001
E-mail :

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