“Our tour programs let tourists live and feel like Thai people do in their daily life: how we eat, how we greet, how we cook and how we perform our religious rituals.”

What to experience ?

Flowing and growing with the seasons, Jumbo River Kwai , Thailand

Flowing and growing with the seasons

Jumbo River Kwai proudly connect travellers to the spirit of life and community in Kanchanaburi.

Jumbo is a Thai tour operator who can offer a wide range of holidays for all the family including, walking tours, Wild Adventure, River Rafting, Discovery of Wild Elephant’s Life, etc. One of Jumbo’s top programs takes you to Nong Khao, a traditional rice farming village. On arrival, you will be introduced to the village on foot or, by bike. You will enjoy Thai lunch at a local restaurant, before visiting artisan families who produce sticky rice and sugar sap wines, and weaving. Later, you learn how to make a Kratong, a traditional float laden with flowers, candles and incense which Thais use to pay respect to the goddess of water. Food fans can also join a local family, learning to cook simple Thai dishes. After dinner, you can try out some traditional Thai dance moves, before resting in a simple, friendly, family homestay.

The next day, get early to the village temple, and follow the local monks as they honour the timeless Buddhist tradition of collecting morning alms. After breakfast, peddle past rice paddy fields and through orchards. Learn more about farming and the relationship between people and their environment, flowing naturally along with the seasons.

Your visit includes a donation to Nong Khao Sustainable Tourism Fund for Community Development.

How does it help ?

Jumbo River Kwai was a pioneer of CBT and environmental awareness in Thailand as early as the 90’s. Jumbo prompted Nong Khao rice farming community to start a “clean up village project”, improving the temple environment, cleaning up road sides, planting trees and beautifying gardens.  Next, they worked with the community to design and realize community-based tourism; consultation, planning, program development, pricing, training local people to operate CBT and market it to cultural tourists.

With Jumbo’s help, the community set up a sustainable tourism group to manage and coordinate CBT. Strict rules and regulations control impacts on the community and environment. Buses are not allowed into the rice paddy fields, only local drivers and guides (village members) are hired. Income is spread between families.

Jumbo conducted training and study trips to build the capacity of local villagers and community leaders. They encourage the younger generation to get involved as local guides and offer both training on guiding and on-the-job training. They welcome tourism internships for local students from the vocational college.

Jumbo encourages guests to buy directly from local weavers, farmer and craft cooperatives. They donate 5 – 10 % of income to the village temple and village tourism committee. Donations support community services, education grants to students who make an outstanding contribution to cultural activities, and needy members.


2002 The Thailand Tourism Outstanding Inbound Tour Program for the Jumbo River Kwai’s Thai Village Biking tour at Nong Khao village


Contact Details

Jumbo River Kwai,
3/13 Baan Nua sub-district, Muang district,
Kanchanaburi Thailand 71000
Tel: 66-34-514906, 512280, 1-66-7637413
Fax: 66-34-514771
Emails: jumbo@jumboriverkwai.com | tours@jumboriverkwai.com
Website: www.jumboriverkwai.com


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