Kukasing community welcomes you into the traditional world of Roi-Et, North-eastern Thailand to experience rice-farming, folk-life, ancient monuments and traditional arts.

What to experience ?

Kukasing Artifacts North-eastern Thailand

Kukasing Artifacts

Kukasing village is 17 km’s from Kaset Wisai district, Roi Et province, in north-eastern Thailand. Guests stay with a local family, enjoy local food and join the fun of local craft, music and dance.

Local guides will lead you to explore “Tung Kula Rong Hai,” Isaan’s largest plateau, where you can learn how the community cultivates Thailand’s famous, fragrant Jasmine rice. At the community museum, you can learn about new theories and practices of sustainable agriculture.

Roi-Et is famous for high quality Mud Mee silk weaving. Isaan’s signature silk design is a symphony of movement and colour, perfected over generations. Silks are traditionally presented as gifts to family members on wedding days. You can learn how local people craft these unique treasures.

In the past, the area was a center of Khmer civilization and culture. History buffs will appreciate local archaeological sites, dating back 2000-3000 years, which offer a glimpse into ancient times.

You can also try your hand at silk wrapping and Thai origami, and meet local literary scholars.

Guests are welcome to join in traditional festivals occurring during the year. These include the Song Kuu festival in April, the Bun Bang Fai rocket festival (end of April / May) and sports competitions. There is also plenty of time just to chat with local community members.

How does it help ?

To develop Kukasing’s cultural heritage program, the whole village cooperated to revive aspects of traditional culture, including the “Song Ku” Festival, which helps to preserve historic sites by encouraging community members to respect and to value their connections with the past.

The community established regulations for guests and a carrying capacity to limit the impacts of tourism on agriculture, cultural and artistic life. This flexible model allows more visitors during special celebrations, when north-eastern people traditionally invite guests from across the region.

A great achievement is the establishment of the Community knowledge center. Villagers can study their natural and cultural resources and children learn about the history of the local area and archaeological sites. When tourists arrive in the community, youth guides explain the rules for visiting the historic sites and interpret local folk traditions, such as silk wrapping and Thai origami.

The CBT group manages a community fund from contributions from meals, activities and souvenirs. The fund has been used to buy equipment for the homestay families (apr. $500USD), run training for youth tour guides (apr. $250 USD) and invest in developing new souvenirs.

The CBT group have also seed-funded a development fund for women’s groups, and made donations to Kukasing Sub-District Tourism Development, school activities about Khmer history, a youth global warming parade, a Miss Trash competition, tree planting and Buddhist merit.

Local wisdom plays an important role in natural resource management in Kukasing. The villagers believe that the community public pond belongs to all living things. Before women weavers cut or trim a tree for natural dyes, they ask permission and pay respect to the spirit of nature. After trimming the tree, the weavers will wrap soil around the base to protect the shell membranes.


Contact Details

To organize your stay there you need to contact the CBT Network coordination center in Chiang Mai which help communities to communicate in English, at least 10 days prior to arrival.

CBT-Network Coordination Center (English Language)

Thiratee Chaijaree, CBT-N Coordinator
3rd Faculty of Agro-Industry, Chiangmai University,
Muang, Chiangmai 50100. Thailand
Tel.+66-53 948286-7  | Fax : +66 5380 7001
Mobile : +668 1111 4871
E-mail : neck_cbtn@yahoo.com
Skype :  thiratee

Tambon Kukasing Club (Thai Language)

Kukasing Municipality, Amphoe Kaset Wisai, Roi Et 45150
Tel. 043632126
Email: Kru_amkha@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.homestaykukasing.com/index.php