Promloke Community-Based Tourism… live with a local family, learn to cook local dishes, join farm activities, explore arts and crafts, trek the rainforest of Khao Luang National Park.

What to experience ?

Promloke community is situated in a scenic area of high plains and jungle covered mountains, adjacent to Khao Luang National Park, which is part of the oldest ecosystem on earth and world renowned as a biodiversity “hotspot,” featuring an exceptional diversity of species.

People in Promloke grow rambutan, mangosteen, minusops, durian, and rubber, in ‘suan rom rom’ mixed orchards. Wild seeds from the forest have been carefully selected over generations, and planted in the same area.

Join your hosts picking fruit in the orchards, learn how to make a local dish, explore the village temple, snake hospital, mushroom cultivation and moonshine groups on foot or by bike! You are also welcome to join cultural events according to the natural rhythm of local life.

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Dutch Families in Promloke

Take a quick stroll to pretty Promloke waterfall, the perfect spot for a picnic and a cool splash, or for a more strenuous adventure, local guides can lead you into the national park, where the profusion of life is breathtaking.

You may also help with community clean-ups, developing communication tools or help with a youth camp!
You will be welcomed as a family member, not a customer, and respect of local traditions is a must, so be ready to wake early in the morning, keep noise low in the evening, and dress modestly.

How does it help ?

Promloke community manages tourism as a cooperative. Everyone has the chance to work together, learn, share benefits and develop new skills. Members are proud to play an active role in the conservation of their environment and local community development.

Working as hosts and guides helps poorer families and young men without land to earn additional income and feel more valued in the community. The community as a whole has earned between 5 and 12 000 $USD per year from community-based tourism (CBT) since 2007. Active families earn around $500 USD per year, equivalent to at least 10-20% additional annual income.

CBT has helped to recover local knowledge about forest, plant life and sustainable management of natural resources. The CBT club organises waste management, and limits the number of visitors. An environment fund of 100 Baht ($3 USD) per guest supports waste collection, tree planting and campaigns such as a recent bike rally to stop global warming.

The villagers work actively with the national park; since establishing the CBT group, encroachment into the park stopped. Appreciation of integrated orchard systems, recognised for maintaining biodiversity, has also slowed the destructive trend towards mono-crops.

CBT has revived classic Manora dance and traditional games among local youth, and gives adults and youth the chance to work together, sharing knowledge and creativity.

The CBT club provides training, supports hygiene and safety in homes, and funds water and electricity at Promloke’s famous Snake Doctor’s Hospital.

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Contact Details

To organize your stay there you need to contact the CBT Network coordination center in Chiang Mai which help communities to communicate in English, at least 10 days prior to arrival.

CBT-Network Coordination Center (English Language)

Thiratee Chaijaree, CBT-N Coordinator based in Chiangmai 50100
Tel.: +66-53 948286-7  | Fax : +66 5380 7001
Mobile : +668 1111 4871
E-mail :
Skype :  thiratee

Prom Lok Community Based Tourism Club

119 Moo 1, Tambon Phrom Lok Phrom Khiri. Nakhon Si Thammarat
Tel.:  Mrs. Supaporn Chowapong 081 -081-9150
Email:  katin_48


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