Makha Bucha day: February-March

His Majesty the King presides over the religious rites at the Emerald Buddha Temple, and later heads a candlelit procession held within the grounds of the temple. The procession is usually held in the evening.

Songkran Festival,Chiang Mai

Songkran Festival – Thai New Year – 13th -15th April


During Songkran, the most important Thai festival, Thai people return home to stay with their families. Events include washing holy Buddha images with blessed water, honouring elderly members of the community and cleaning the graves of ancestors. Songran is also famous as one of the world’s biggest water fights.

Visakha Bucha : May

This is one of Thailand’s most important festivals. It is believed to be the same day when Buddha was born, attained enlightenment 35 years later, and after another 45 years passed into Nibbana or Nirvana.

On this day, people pay respect to the three jewels of Buddhism: The Buddha, Dhamma or Dharma (His teachings) and Sangha (monkhood).

Asalaha Bucha – Wan Khao Pansa Festival: July


This Festival marks the beginning of the Buddhist “rain retreat” and the Buddhist Lent, or “Phansa” when monks retreat to their temples for 3 months.

Loi Kratong Festival or ‘Candle Festival.’  – late October or early November


After morning offerings to the monk, in the evening, Thais thank the Goddess of the water for sustaining their lives, and they make Kra Thong (a lotus shaped floating vessel) from banana leaves carrying a candle, three incense sticks, flowers and money, and float them on a local canal or river. It is believed that Krathong will take away sins and bad luck.

Elephant Festival Third Saturday of November in Surin

Celebrated in the city of Surin the Elephant Round-Up Festival is undoubtedly north-east Thailand’s most colourful event. Over 100 elephants participate in various games and challenges to test their strength, grace and intelligence.

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