traditional weaving

  • A Cambodian rural homestay away from home

    A community-based tourism site that captures the essence of life in the heartland of Cambodia, located in Baray District, Kampong Thom Province. What to experience? Whether you are just visiting for a day or you’re interested in staying in one of their traditional houses for a night or two, a visit to Khmer Homestay is […]

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    • Explore Viengxay cave complex, the birthplace of Lao PDR

      Explore the fantastic Viengxay complex of caves where the rebellious Pathet Lao escaped heavy American bombing for a decade before giving birth to the current Lao People Democratic Republic (Lao PDR).  History, Nature and excitement combined. What to Experience? Stunning view near the border Viengxay is a small town located in the northern part of […]

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      • Silk Weaving along the banks of the Mekong

        Immerse yourself in an ancient tradition of Cambodian culture through experiencing the silk production process from the mulberry plants to the silk scarf. A MUST BUY! What to experience ? Just four kilometres outside of Stung Treng town, in Sre Po village, lies a place of solitude for the visitor wishing to spend a few […]

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        • Fair Trade and Ethical Trekking at Thai Tribal Crafts

          Shop for beautiful, local handicrafts, produced by ethnic minority peoples in Northern Thailand, confident that your money is supporting a committed Fair Trade organisation. What to experience ? Thai Tribal Crafts is a registered Fair Trade Organization, which has worked for over 25 years to improve the livelihoods of Northern Thailand’s Akha, Hmong, Karen, Lahu, […]

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