• Terre Cambodge; at the Heart of Cambodia

    Terre Cambodge is a love story with the country that its founder Laurent is willing to share with you so you get the best insight into this attaching country, while at the same time understanding the challenges at stake for the future. What to Experience? Terre Cambodge is based in Siem Reap and is specialised […]

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    • Enter the Kingdom of Wonder

      Enter the Kingdom of Wonder For a century the name Cambodia invoked a deep sense of awe and mystery. An exotic kingdom with magnificent wonders hidden in a tropical jungle; an enigmatic pearl of exploration and adventure. Like its slogan ‘Kingdom of Wonder’ Cambodia offers the visitor much to marvel at. Just as Angkor is […]

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      • Men & Dolphin of the Mekong River: a common river for a common future

        VDO on measures taken to save the Mekong Dolphins, now a seriously endangered specie, with less than 100 remaining and, on their impacts on people livelihood. To watch the VDO click here  

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        • Say Bye Bye to Poverty with Sala Bai

          Give wings to young Cambodians full of hope and potential by supporting their training through the restaurant and hotel of Sala Baï. What to experience ? The Sala Bai Hotel School & Restaurant serves tantalising menus with Asian and Western dishes in either a la carte or a three-course Asian or Western lunch set menu, […]

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          • A sensuous symphony of scented notes!

            The scent-sation of Senteurs d’Angkor can stay with you long after your holiday with their line of home fragrances Cambodia’s wonderful culinary and aromatic heritage is their inspiration. What to experience? The moment you walk into a Senteurs d’Angkor shop you are immediately struck by an explosion of the senses with heady aromas floating from […]

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            • Religion of Cambodia

                Theravada Buddhism is the leading religion in Cambodia and defines the lives of many Khmers. Buddhism and other religions suffered greatly during the Khmer Rouge period, but in the past decade there has been a dramatic resurgence in religious worship with Buddhism once again leading the way. Hinduism flourished alongside Buddhism from the 1st […]

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