The English PDF version of a full-colour illustrated handbook of good practices for tourism operators is available for download. ‘Sustainable Tourism Management in Thailand: A Good Practices Guide for SMEs’ was first published in 2007 to help hotels, restaurants, and nature and culture-based activity operators in Thailand take easy steps towards sustainable management.

The handbook comprises tips on how to lower electricity and water consumption, manage waste in an eco-friendly way, and interact positively with local communities. These tips are illustrated by case studies of more than 40 SMEs throughout Thailand. The best practices described apply just as well in other destinations. Technical advice and contacts are also provided.

The handbook was published by the Environmental Research Institute of Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok and Bumi Kita Foundation, with financial support from the European Union’s EU-Thailand Small Project Facility and the French Embassy in Thailand.

Download handbook. (PDF 3.5 MB)