Government websites that engage locals and visitors about ecotourism and responsible travel are eligible to win’s annual Ecotourism Spotlight Award.

The ‘Responsible Tourism Guide to the Mekong’ at is a nominee.

Voting takes place via a popular count in July and August. Respondents will be asked to review all the sites and choose their favorite. Multiple votes will not be permitted. Honesty counts!

“Locals and visitors are seeking ecotourism experiences,” said founder Ron Mader. “The Ecotourism Spotlight Award helps government leaders move forward as we give credit to those leading the pack.”

The Ecotourism Spotlight Award was developed to create incentives for communication, opportunities for conversation, and a reward for participation among government leaders working toward ecotourism and responsible travel. Municipal, regional, national and international government websites are eligible.

Winners are announced in celebration of World Tourism Day (September 27) to spotlight best practices from government institutions. They receive international exposure and bragging rights.

Please visit Ecotourism Spotlight Award.