Approximately 4 hrs drive South of Ngapali Beach, on the pristine western coastline of Myanmar in the Bay of Bengal, near Kyeintali Town a locally initiated conservation project is actively involved in conservation and sustainable use of the marine resources.

What to experience?

 Rakhine Coast, Ngapali Beach, Burma
Kid on Big Turtle

The Rakhine coastal area lies between Thandwe (Ngapali Beach) and Kyeintali Town, making it an ideal place to offer both community based tourism development and marine environment conservation. The coastline is home to 26 endangered species according to the IUCN, amongst them turtles, dugongs and dolphins.

This is an exciting new way to discover a relatively unknown and pristine coastal area of Myanmar. Take a visit to one of the many local fishing villages dotting the coastline. Witness the marine life along the coast (no need snorkelling) such as sea-grass meadows which are widely distributed along this area, and possibly the endangered Arakan forest turtle.

In Kyeintali, the nearest town 32 km away, visit the Mangrove conservation and re-plantation project, a 50-ha plantation near Kyauk Taw Yaung Conservation Park. Participate in local education, health, economy and development activities. Study the Elephant fodder plantation for wild elephants in Rakhine Yoma Elephant Sanctuary, the fauna and flora of Rakhine Yoma forests, freshwater and marine products. Then visit the local fishing villages.

How does it Help?

 Rakhine Coast, Ngapali Beach, Burma
Big Turtle

The Rakhine Coastal Region Conservation Association (RCA) is a locally based environment organization providing community-led livelihood development, education and cultural empowerment, through the conservation and restoration of the coastal resources. By developing a number of ties to tourism and conservation, the organisation hopes that the number of tourism related business opportunities will increase while increasing the incomes of the local people.

The plan involves community-led livelihood development, education and cultural empowerment, conservation & restoration of the coastal resources such as Coral Reef, Mangrove.

By visiting this project, tourism related business opportunities will occur and increase community members’ income. Local community will be incited to share their knowledge and to better preserve the culture, tradition, ethnical pride and natural environment.

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Contact Details

Ask your tour guide to take you there or contact the Biodiversity and nature conservation association of Myanmar (Banca)
Tel: 95-1 667 067


The location is approximate between Ngapali and Kyeintali