Local market, Myanmar

Local market

Myanmar adopted a market-oriented economic system in the year 1988. Private sector participation has been encouraged and developed in both domestic and external trade. Foreign investment is allowed in almost all sectors of the economy with incentives for investors. As an emerging country rich in natural and human resources, Myanmar has enormous potential for long-term economic development.

Tourism remains a small sector of activity because of the boycott imposed by most countries, and Myanmar hosted only 310 000 foreign tourists in 2010 compared to 15 millions in Thailand. We believe tourism is a vector of peace and socio-economic development if developed and managed in a responsible way. Boycotting never helped solve any problems; on the contrary it may contribute to shutting the country and its people even more from the outside world.

Myanmar is a unique destination with extraordinary potential;, it is the next BIG destination thanks to awesome landscapes, beautiful people and a rich lively culture. By travelling responsibly and demanding responsible offer, you may contribute to the preservation of the authenticity of this country, which has so far been spared by the negative impacts improper tourism development can bring.

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