The organic market held twice a week in Vientiane offers a perfect opportunity to have access to a huge range of fresh & healthy vegetables and fruits.

What to experience ?

Every Wednesday and Saturday morning, an organic market that is set up from 6:00 am to 12:00pm on the esplanade in front of the That Luang.  It is the most diverse organic market in Laos.

Should you have food or just some fruit to buy during your stay in Laos, why not experience this market? Enjoy the early morning atmosphere of the market, stroll up and down alleys of food stalls, meet local farmers and sample some tasty and healthy vegetables. You will discover new and unexpected flavours that will stimulate your senses, while supporting eco-friendly farming methods by the local residents. Once there, you can taste natural honeys and juices or even buy some eco-friendly processed products such as shampoo or soap for your next trek. Souvenirs made from natural materials such as rattan, bamboo, wood, etc. are also available to take home with you.

How does it help ?

Fortunately, Laos has been opened to the advice of foreign hippy-like pioneer entrepreneurs who convinced people to maintain traditional ways of farming and to develop organic production of vegetables, fruits, coffee, tea, etc. Lao wisdom and know-how has done the rest. Laos is the country in the region where you’ll be able to find the most organic products, from raw ingredients to processed products; from herbs and salads or tomatoes to delicious jams, honeys, and coffee. The objective of this market is to foster such sustainable farming practices and encourage farmers to develop a chemical free production by only selling organic produce directly to the consumer. It contributes to local empowerment and supports traditional farming practices using local skills and knowledge on sustainable agriculture. By buying from them, you will support their access to a responsible market and increase the quality and reputation of Laotian products, while contributing to the preservation of the environment by limiting the amount of pesticides and fertilisers dumped into the ecosystems, and ultimately flowing down the Mekong River.

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Organic market: Vientiane
That Luang Esplanade, Vientiane