If you are looking to buy an exquisite example of Lao silk weaving or just want to admire them, pay a visit to Lao Textiles

What to experience ?

Traditional weaving products

Traditional weaving products

If you need to buy some souvenirs while in Laos then textiles are a must as they belong to the history, cultural heritage and economy of Laos.

At Carol Cassidy’s shop and weaving studio located in the heart of Vientiane, just behind the National Hall, you can choose from a variety of products including complex wall hangings, limited edition scarves and shawls, pillows and custom interior fabrics crafted using traditional weaving techniques such as brocade, tapestry, or Ikat. You will discover some techniques of handweaving, and how the raw silk becomes a highly valued piece of elaborate work. Simply said, each weaver is an artist, each piece is unique.

Combinations of traditional Lao and modern designs and unique colours have gained international recognition for Carol Cassidy and her team of fifty weavers for their creativity, craftsmanship and quality.

Nowadays textile remains an important source of revenue throughout the country by involving thousands of people and especially women in this sophisticated handwoven art form that is visible in clothes such as the sinh (traditional Lao skirt), sarongs and scarves. Textiles depict the Lao culture, and help understand the complexities of Lao culture and the uniqueness of the motifs of the various ethnic groups.

How does it help ?

Established in 1990, Lao textile was one of the first private companies in post war Laos specialising in 100% handwoven silk using traditional weaving techniques such as brocade, tapestry, or Ikat. It sources its silk raw materials from farm households in Luang Nam Tha and Xieng Khouang, and by using traditional Lao techniques of weaving they contribute highly to their preservation.

Adhering to fair trade principles, the company has an inbuilt system of on-the-job training for its employees, who are highly skilled weavers and textile producers. By supporting local economies and creating revenues for several women in remote villages mainly in northern Laos, you encourage the preservation of traditional weaving instead of industrialised silk production. You also give some pride and value to the work done by many weavers who spend hours working under their houses to create a beautiful piece of textile.

Lao Textiles is fully committed with its weavers in Northern Laos and guarantees the purchase of raw material all year around while working in a permanent relationship with weavers regarding the design of the silk pieces.

It is dedicated to interpreting and using traditional motifs and techniques and by doing so to help in the marketing of handwoven silk textiles. The products are sold in many countries where they are much sought after and highly appreciated.


  • 2001    Product Excellence Award by UNESCO
  • 2002    Aid to Artisans award for Preservation of Craft
  • 2009      Jack Lenore Larsen Long House Reserve Award


Contact details

108 Nokekoumanne Ban Mixay, Chanthabouly district, Vientiane capital
Tel: +856 (0)21 21 21 23
Email: ccassidy@laotextiles.com
Website:  www.laotextiles.com


Lao textile / Carol Cassidy: in Vientiane.



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