Visit a village of pottery craftsmen who have perpetuated the ancient art of clay pottery making and are skilled to produce a variety of vases, containers and pots.

What to experience ?

In ancient times, Laotian people used pottery for all kinds of purposes at home and in the fields. They needed strong, waterproof jars to store food, drinks such as rice alcohol or to keep rice dry and away from humidity and mice. By visiting this village you will learn the story of pottery in Laos, its role in  daily life and how these jars are made, as well as the different shapes that the potter can transform the clay into. A short walk along the Mekong will allow you to visit Wat Chompet, a temple located 2km away, just in front of Wat Xieng Thong.

How does it help ?

By going to this village you truly take part in responsible tourism, as you will first have to use the services of a local boatman to cross the Mekong River; the village being located on the opposite shore, far away from the mass tourism streets. Then you will walk through this small village to meet locals and you can buy their wares directly from them – a small jar, a clay bottle or a small pot usually used to crush ingredients added to the famous papaya salad. Don’t go only to watch them, leave a positive impact, not just tracks and footprints! You can also buy a big jar that you may wish to have shipped home ?


Ban Chan, pottery village: Luang Prabang, opposite bank

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