T-shop Laï Gallery, displays fair trade handicraft and organic skincare products in their shops in Vientiane and Luang Prabang

What to experience ?

Les Artisans Lao, Vientiane LaosYou will be mesmerized by the variety of uses coconut may have. Les Artisans Lao have developed a range of home decoration items and a line of body products using it. Following the principles of fair trade, Les Artisans Lao create fine handicrafts made from local materials, mainly coconut shell, bamboo, egg shell, and recycled wood.

The company also developed skincare products with extracts of coconut oil and runs a skincare laboratory, where coconut oil is processed into natural skincare products, including bars of soap, massage oils, lip balms, liquid soaps, shampoos, mosquito repellents and more. All the products are worth buying before going trekking or to a village, as they are all environmentally friendly and will help reduce your impact on the environment. All skincare products made by Les Artisans Lao are formulated in accordance with international standards for natural products (ECOCERT, etc.).

The product line of Les Artisans Lao is built on Lao craftsmanship and materials and thereby conveys to visitors a glimpse of Lao authenticity and creativity. Upon request, tourist groups can visit our workshop and witness Lao craftsmen ‘live’ at work.

Les Artisans Lao products are displayed at T’Shop Laï Gallery in Vientiane and Luang Prabang.

How does it help ?

Les Artisans Lao is a social venture that aims at designing and marketing handmade products from local raw materials. The company runs a handicraft workshop where 20 local artisans are trained to put their skills to work in the design and production of fine handicrafts.

Corporate social responsibility lies at the core of the venture, including compliance with international labour standards and the promotion of fair trade principles. The company’s main objective is to produce and market value-added products from local materials/ingredients and to support the development of Lao craftsmanship. The company promotes fair trade principles and strives to further social inclusion through the employment of physically challenged and/or socially vulnerable people. The project also helps to raise awareness in, and the confidence of, Lao craftsmen by showing them that foreign visitors value natural materials and authentic Lao design.

Your visit and purchases can help to sustain the growth of fair trade commerce in Laos, and to promote a market value-added product from local materials/ingredients by supporting the development of Lao craftsmanship.

The protection and promotion of biodiversity in Laos is a core value of the project, centred around non-timber forest products, recycled material, and local botanical products grown and harvested in a sustainable manner. Products and promotional activities often have an educational aspect regarding the use and occurrence of local botanical products. Due to its experience and track record, Les Artisans Lao regularly cooperates with development agencies and NGOs, and organises joint vocational training workshops aimed at developing the craftsmanship of poor, unskilled, and/or physically challenged individuals.


Les Artisans Lao is a member of the Lao Fair Trade Association and is currently pursuing fair trade certification from an international fair trade association.


Contact details

T’Shop Laï Gallery, Vat Inpeng Street, Vientiane capital
Tel:   +856 (0)21 22 31 78
Email: info@artisanslao.com
Website:  www.artisanslao.com


Les Artisans Lao: in Vientiane.



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