Experience the unique taste of Lao food; Tamarind restaurant and cooking class invite their guests to discover the real side of Laotian cuisine with its mix of flavours such as coriander, tamarind and local herbs.

What to experience ?

Tamarind Restaurant, Laos

Cooking class

Food lovers you simply cannot miss this address for a meal, a snack or for a cooking class. At Tamarind, a Taste of Laos, you’ll get a deep insight into Lao culture while satisfying your appetite. Serving of the mostly organic food is always accompanied by detailed explanatory information on the contents, significance and customs associated with those dishes.  The menu is in fact a detailed document providing information on a range of issues, mostly those associated with Lao cuisine, but also offering insights into other aspects of local life and culture.

You can take unique cooking classes, with an interesting visit to the market to buy the freshest local ingredients and learn more about the vegetables, fruit, and herbs used in traditional Laotian cuisine. Once in the kitchen Joy, Caroline and their team will provide you with a user-friendly introduction to Lao cuisine, culture and customs and detailed explanatory information. They can also supply a large range of locally-made and packaged food products with instructions on how to recreate Lao dishes once back home.

Special menus such as group banquets allow you to experience a typical Lao family banquet displaying numerous dishes and flavours. The “Adventurous Lao Gourmet” meal explores the least-known aspects of Lao cuisine more deeply.

During your activity or your meal, do not hesitate to speak with the Laotian employees who are trained to inform and discuss with customers about how Lao food is eaten. This leads to broader communication from our staff on their lives and their customs, their expectations and understanding of the world.

How does it help ?

Tamarind is Lao owned, the purpose of Tamarind is to assist tourists to understand and explore the way Lao people eat and how they do so. The ingredients are sourced from producers and gardeners strictly located in the vicinity of Luang Prabang. It is a means for the restaurant to give back to the community by supporting local suppliers and encouraging them to grow organic products. Some of the more unusual menu items (such as the Adventurous Lao Gourmet) offer ingredients that are purchased from vendors that don’t usually sell to regular tourist restaurants. The products sold are packaged using local labour and where possible local packaging.

Essential training in hospitality and hygiene practices are regularly organised, while the restaurant pays for English tuition courses for their staff. Staff are paid bonuses, overtime, holiday pay and maternity leave. During the creation of a new menu or new dishes, the staff is always involved in the decision-making process and suggestions are welcome. Their input for major decisions concerning kitchen design, menu suggestions, product and packaging ideas as well as business practices are encouraged and valued.


Contact details

Kingkitsarath Rd, Ban Wat Sene, Luang Prabang
Tel: +856 (0)20 77 77 04 84
Email: info@tamarindlaos.com
Webste : www.tamarindlaos.com


Tamarind a Taste of Laos: café in the old quarter of Luang Prabang, cooking class in the vicinity of the town


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