Transform yourself into an explorer, cruise upstream the Mekong River to check in the eco friendly safari tents of Kamu lodge, and be immersed into the smooth rhythm of hill tribe lives in a remote valley of rice fields, small villages and forested mountains

What to experience ?

Kamu Lodge Luang Prabang LAOS

Located on the banks of the Mekong, in a remote valley of rice fields, small villages and forested mountains Kamu Lodge is 2 hours upstream of Luang Prabang and accessible only by boat. The trip may take longer should you stop to visit Pak Ou Caves on the way.

A trip to Kamu Lodge means living in a total seclusion far away from internet and other electronic equipment, in order to resource yourself and meet the local Kamu community. Your accommodation in a safari-style tent will make you feel like an explorer; it is traditionally furnished, with solar-powered hot showers in your stone bathroom, and private verandas overlooking the river. Do bring warm clothes, as it can get chilly in the cold season.

Once there, you will be surprised by the number of activities available, and by how immersed you will find yourself in Laotian rural daily life for a couple of days. Treks and walks are available in the surrounding jungle and mountains; Hmong guides will guide you to caves and waterfalls, and teach you about the forest, its medicinal plants and other natural resources.

Alternatively you can stay in the lodge and walk in the area, or learn about Kamu textile or gold panning. You can easily take part in the activities of villagers, like planting rice, animal rearing, or fishing like the local fishermen do with an elegant throw of the net.

The bamboo-terraced restaurant serves delicious Lao and Kamu food cooked with the fish of the day and organically grown vegetables and fruit.

How does it help ?

Established in 2004 by Exotissimo, the Kamu Lodge is a perfect example of integration within the natural environment while working closely with a village.

The staff of the lodge come almost entirely from the village, and for each visitor to the lodge, $1 USD is automatically given to the village development fund.  All decisions are taken using a participatory approach by the community, the lodge and the provincial authorities.

The lodge has also participated in staff training and funded school renovation. Whenever possible vegetables, fruit and meat are supplied from Ban Gno Hay village where the lodge is located. Currently, in order to continue to improve the welfare of the village, the lodge is setting up a micro-credit programme to support local village projects, and the resort gives regular training and advice to the villagers on such issues.

All rubbish is recycled or returned to Luang Prabang, and a traditional Lao filter system approved by La Maison du Patrimoine (which means Heritage House, is the office of Unesco in Luang Prabang) has been implemented to clean waste water. Cleanliness and a hygiene campaign are regularly organised in the village.


Contact details

Ban Gno Hay, Nga district, Oudomxay Province; 44/3 Ban Wat Nong, Khamkong road, Luang Prabang
Tel: +856 (0)71 260 319; +856 (0)20 26 03 23 65; + 856 (0) 30 51 40 315






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