Samlaan Cycling Tour, Northern Laos

Cycling days

For cyclists of all ages and fitness, Ken, a native of Oudomxay, is your best chance to discover genuine northern Laos’s territories and ethnic tribes.

What to experience ?

Ken (or if you prefer Houmphanh Phetxayphone) is from Oudomxay, loves his region and wants to share it by adopting a low environmental impact means of transportation: THE BIKE. With his friendly team, you will cycle on small roads in mountainous and forested areas in the heart of Northern Laos and visit villages where nobody goes, still untouched by the rapid development of the region. You will experience the quiet freedom you get by travelling by bike day by day and stopping when you want to get a better immersion, and exchange with the people you meet.

Ken caters for all levels of fitness and cycling experience, and can arrange a support vehicle for groups of mixed abilities, allowing you the freedom to cycle for as long as you like in a day. Many of the tours, from half a day to 15 days, combine boat trips along scenic rivers and short treks to natural attractions along the way. You will stay overnight in ethnic village homestays and have the chance to share the local way of life and culture.

Ken is very flexible and will help travellers to design their own trip according to their special interests or desire for adventure; he can take you anywhere. He offers multiple-country tours into the ‘golden triangle’ spanning Laos, northern Thailand and southern China. Whether you turn up by yourself, as a couple, or as larger group, he will always be there to welcome you with a smile.


Samlaan Cycling Tour, Northern Laos

Samlaan- COPE support


How does  it help ?

Passing through unspoiled areas helps to raise awareness on environmental protection. In addition, your visit benefits local communities in remote sites and small towns when you spend the night in homestay with families or have lunch in a local restaurant. A part of your bill also supports charity projects such as school construction, child protection, and water access.

In the spirit of ecotourism, the guides at Samlaan Cycling Tours are specially trained to minimise the cultural and environmental impact of their tours. They will teach you about the way of life and behavioural etiquette of the various ethnic groups you will visit. The guides have a strict policy of removing all rubbish and reducing plastic waste.

In 2004, Ken established a charity to raise money from cyclists in Laos to build schools and provide clean water to villages in the north. So far it has funded the construction of three schools and the provision of clean water to one village, with plans for more. Any donations you make will be entirely used to support the education of those charming and cheerful kids you met along the way.

Samlaan Cycling Tour, Northern Laos

Contact details

02/ 21 Ban Nalao, Muang Xay, Oudomxay Province
Phone:  +856 (0)81 212 825; +856 (0)20 55 60 97 90


Samlaan Cycling Tour: Oudomxay

about 1 km from the bus station heading into Oudomxay town in Ban Cheang village at the first right corner after the junction with the road to the airport



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