Tree Top Explorer, Adventure Southern LaosTrek, fly over the canopy admiring a spectacular waterfall, climb, and sleep in tree houses in Dong Hua Sao Protected Area, a tropical primary forest near the Boloven Plateau. For adventurous people of all ages in good physical condition it’s the adventure of a lifetime.

What to experience ?

Around 60 km away from Pakse, Tree Top Explorer offers you the experience of a lifetime.  For one to three days, you will trek through coffee plantations and thick jungle and then “fly” over the jungle through a system of ziplines, swinging bridges, abseiling and via ferrata along the cliffs. You will observe a wide range of wildlife such as birds, monkeys, and reptiles. This physical challenge (good fitness levels are required) but really rewarding journey into Dong Hua Sao protected area will bring you to a campsite in the midst of 400 ha of evergreen forests with pristine jungle and many flowers, surrounded by incredible cliffs, waterfalls and landscapes.

The project was a challenge to develop: two canopy walks high in the trees, ten platforms for zip-lining up to 450 metres, and six tree houses at canopy level some twenty metres above the ground (four houses for two visitors, and two houses for four visitors) all connected only by zip lines. Not for sleepwalkers!

If you expect only basic comfort, allow us to contradict you: the tree houses overlook the valley with stunning views on the waterfalls, and are well equipped with toilets & washbasins, beds, mosquito nets, lamps, and coffee sets. The separate hot shower will be an enjoyable luxury after your energetic trek, but bring your own towel, for as part of pollution reduction towels cannot be washed on site.

Safety is guaranteed; the zip lines were installed (without harming the trees) by professionals; all equipment is of international standard and regularly inspected; and lead and local guides are well trained in equipment use, rescue & first aid.


How does it help ?

This project, was developed in close collaboration with IUCN, a conservation NGO. An agreement was signed with the village to prevent illegal hunting and logging in the NPA. Part of the profit ($9 per guest) goes directly to a village fund and district for development and environmental protection. Through increased awareness and understanding of the benefits of tourism, wildlife is better protected, slash and burn is reduced, and barriers to visitors are lowered. The tourists in turn learn about the characteristics of different peoples, their unique culture(s) and how to respect them.

Thirty-five villagers from Ban Nongluang are directly involved in the project with an all year round income. Villagers are encouraged to set up their own small businesses to complement the offer. Homestays are available in the village.

Electricity is generated from mini hydropower stations activated by the waterfalls. Tourists are advised to strictly follow the rules of clean garbage disposal, not to hunt, use or buy any wildlife. The company is actively involved in the nationwide campaign of “Protecting Wildlife from Illegal Hunting” and works closely with the park authorities.


Contact details

(Head office) Hengboun street, Ban Haysok, Vientiane capital
Phone:  +856 (0)21 264 528


Tree Top Explorer & Nam Lik Jungle Fly: Boloven Plateau, Champasak Province & Nam Lik, Vientiane Province


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