Elephant Adventures (EA) organises elephant trekking for nature- and adventure-lovers who wish to discover the “master of the forest” in the heart of Asia. In association with Elefantasia, they work to protect wild and domestic elephants, to preserve the decline of this symbol of Laos.

What to experience ?

Elephant ride, Elephants Adventures LAOSThe “Way of the Mahout” is a unique experience in the heart of Sayaboury jungle. Ride an elephant and learn the secrets of Laos’ most experienced mahouts. Share their lifestyle during an incredible journey along rivers and lush untouched forests. Discover a region that hosts one the most important ethnic diversities in the world, and experience the richness of their respective heritage.

Through a sustainable approach you will support the development of tourism in the area, which is the birthplace of Lao elephants. You will camp in the forest, accompany your elephant to his bathing, and feed him. You will build up your own relationship with the big mammal.

On expeditions ranging from one day to five-day elephant caravans in remote areas, you will ride your own elephant with your mahout through the jungle and, for the longest journeys, between Hongsa and the bend of the Mekong, where a boat will be waiting for you to return to Luang Prabang or to continue towards Northern Laos.

EA takes only a maximum of 6 persons at a time, and is committed to providing a genuine and authentic immersion into Laos. They attach great importance to the respect of traditions, social codes, and an “awareness” briefing is carried out prior to each departure. Accommodation consists of one guesthouse in Hongsa, and homestay in four villages; meals are supplied locally. You will need to be able to adapt to these local conditions. It is now operated by Green Discovery Travel.

How does it help ?

In Sayaboury, elephants are considered sacred. Since time immemorial, they have served Lao people in the forest and played an integral role in Buddhist and animist beliefs. If the species were to become extinct, a fundamental part of the area’s cultural heritage would also be lost.

The number of elephants is currently declining, and many of them still work in the difficult and demanding wood industry. Elephant Adventures aims to take the animals away from this activity by developing fair and environmentally friendly tourism to help preserve the last populations of Asian elephants, and facilitate the development of sustainable solutions so people and elephants can live side by side.

EA’s project is based on a partnership with many local businesses and family enterprises. They adopt fair trade principles with their local partners;hosts, cooks, or drivers. In each village visited, they contribute financially to local projects through a contribution per night and per guest.

EA support the conservation programme run by the National Animal Health Centre and ElefantAsia, a non-profit organisation. Five percent of total turnover is given to their Mobile Elephant Clinic, which supplies drugs and veterinary care to the elephants of Laos, free of charge. The goal of ElefantAsia’s “Lao Elephant Care and Management Programme” is to assist the Government and elephant keepers in improving elephant welfare


Contact Details

Hongsa, Sayabuli Province; Sisasangvone street (Greendiscovery Laos), Ban Xieng Mouane, Luang Prabang Tel: +856 (0)71 212 093; +856 (0)20 230 25 210 Email: info@elephantadventures.com Website:  www.elephantadventures.com

Location Map

teh location is pointe don Hongsa, Sayabouri Province [geo_mashup_map]

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