A community organic farm that cares, 3 km north of Vang Vieng, along the Nam Song River, the farm promotes traditional gardening and farming methods.

What to experience ?

Vang Vieng Organic Farm LaosThe Vang Vieng Farm is found in the picturesque Nam Song valley beneath towering limestone mountains just a short drive from Vang Vieng. Stop in for the day to see the farm and sample the delicious organic produce served in the restaurant such as green tea, goat’s cheese, or mulberry wine to name just a few, or stay for a week in the guesthouse to learn organic farming. There are no schedules or itineraries to follow here. You can help out on the farm as you wish, play with the children from the local village, go for walks in the countryside and spend an hour or two teaching English to the local villagers in their community centre.

The farm specialises in the cultivation of organic fruit, vegetables and mulberry, which is used for making tea and feeding the silk worms that are raised on the farm to support the local silk weaving industry. You can observe the full process of silk production from the raising of the worms to dyeing and weaving. The Hmong, Khmu and Lao women from the local villages produce and sell some of the finest silk scarves to be found in the country.

Travellers are invited to be a part of the farm community, thus making their visit to Vang Vieng less about being a foreigner and more about being a partner. This style of tourism helps the economy, environment, and local society in a positive way.

How does it help ?

The congenial Lao owner, Thanongsi Soangkoun (Mr ‘T’), has a passion for organic farming. Deeply concerned about the degradation of the land and soil in Vang Vieng through poor agricultural practices, Mr T established the Vang Vieng organic farm to demonstrate to local farmers that it is possible to manage land in a way that is both profitable and healthy without destroying it.

This is achieved through training and providing information to preserve traditional Lao farming practices and by producing organically grown vegetables and livestock. Active efforts are made to reduce environmental negative impact by recycling, composting and gardening. In addition, the farm provides new skills to local people through employment at the farm that can be then employed elsewhere. Profits from the farm are used to support education through the Equal Education for All project which, with the assistance of foreign visitors, offers English lessons and vocational skills to students, and helps to build new schools in the area. They also constructed a community centre and a library for the local village, and purchased a school bus.

Mr T has been instrumental in helping local women to establish a silk farming and weaving industry. Presently, the farm employs some 20 women to weave scarves for sale to visitors.


Contact details

Phoudindaeng, Vang Vieng district, Vientiane province
Tel:   +856 (0)23 511 220 ; +856 (0) 20 55 90 91 32
Email: laofarm@hotmail.com
Website:  www.laofarm.org


Vang Vieng Organic Farm: Phoudindeng, 3km north of Vang Vieng.


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