The Fair Trek set up by Tiger Trail starts with the participation of 7 villages in order to spread the benefits of responsible tourism within these communities.

What to Experience ?

Fair Trek & Tiger Trail, Sisasangyone Street, Luang Prabang, LAO PDR

Fair Trek (formerly Tiger Trail – Outdoor Adventures) has created exceptional trails and activities  enabling access to remote villages. A wide range of tours are offered with a combination of trekking, kayaking, mountain biking, and elephant riding, together with visits to the indigenous communities in the mountainous hinterland of Luang Prabang. The activities accommodate different levels of fitness and interests, and aim to provide the visitor with an opportunity to interact with local people in small groups and experience authentic rural life in Laos. Community-based activities allow visitors to help in the fields, take care of livestock, go fishing with the men, or assist the women with weaving handicrafts. Tiger Trail offers Fair Trek join-in tours ranging from one to three days. Alternately, a week of village home stay can be organised privately for small groups of visitors. Traditional food and a local style of accommodation are used wherever possible.  All tours are accompanied by trained Lao and community guides. Tiger Trail’s Fair Trek Projects currently cover three main destinations;

  1. Luang Prabang: 7 local villages hosting various ethnic minorities, such as Lao-Lum, Khmu, and Hmong.
  2. Nong Khiaw, Ngoi District: A few local communities hosting various ethnic minorities, such as Lao-Lum, Khmu, and Hmong
  3. Muang Khua District: An Akha community of former opium-growers.

How Does it Help?

“At Fair Trek, adventure is the heart of our activities, yet fairness is the key of our vision”.   Each Fair trek tour project aims to assist in the development of communities in need and includes a contribution to village development funds supporting micro loans and village projects. The Fair Trek team maintains constant communication with the communities and assists them in the process of defining how to best use the funds collected. They also answer general inquiries from the communities and assist in fund raising activities for school building, toilet construction, clay water filters, etc.

In addition to the fund, the villagers benefit directly by providing food and accommodation, as well as selling traditional handicrafts to the visitors. Families are involved in the hosting at local guesthouses, village lodges, or home stays. Individual villagers can earn from guiding visitors through the communities and from helping out with tourism activities. Rental fees for land, blankets, cooking material and other services also contribute to the local income. Service providers outside the community also gain an additional income through visitors staying in their community. The tours are not only “fair” in terms of money, but also local culture and traditions. Visiting guests provide good opportunities to perform, and thus spread and preserve, their intangible heritage of traditional performances such as singing, dancing and playing local music.

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Contact details

Fair Trek & Tiger Trail – Outdoor Adventures
Sales office:
Sisasangvone street, Luang Prabang
Head Office in Ban Muang Nga Village

Phone: +856 (71) 252655




Fair Trek head office



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