Landlocked in the heart of the mainland Southeast Asia peninsula and dominated by forested mountains (70%), Laos stretches over 1700km from China to Cambodia with an area of 236,800 km² in the heart of the Indochinese mainland. The country is best defined by its different regions: mountainous north with the beautiful Luang Prabang and the highest point of the country (Phou Bia, 2,800m), the plain of the Mekong in the central part of the country including Vientiane and the limestone forest of Khammouane before reaching the South with the Boloven Plateau and the huge Mekong filled with history.

Laos enjoys a mild tropical climate but can get quite chilly in the cool season. Temperatures range from 10 to 40°C in the Mekong Valley and may dip below zero in the mountains and on Xieng Khouang and Boloven Plateaus. There are three distinct seasons: cool from November to February, hot from March to May and rainy from June to October.


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