The Tang Dong Handicraft Development Center is an initiative that provides training, support and distribution for hundreds of local Tibetan artisans to create and sell handicrafts ranging from textiles to pottery and art.

What To Experience?

 Tibetan Handicraft shop

ceramic pots

The Tang Dong Handicrafts Development Centre is a store in Shangri-La old town that is fully supported by the Dropenling Handicraft Development Centre, a programme that supports hundreds of Tibetan artists in the training, production and marketing of authentic handicrafts.

The centre sells a wide variety of high quality products, including pottery, woven blankets, woodcarvings, bags, toys and paintings created by local artists.  Not only do they have a physical store, but crafts are available for purchase online as well.

Dropenling combines on-site artisan producer groups, handicraft sales, and traditional cultural performances. The store is open from 10am-8pm everyday.

How Does It Help?

“Dropenling” is a Tibetan word meaning “giving back for the betterment of all mankind.” As its mission, the Dropenling Handicraft Development Centre is dedicated to improving the lives of Tibetan artisans throughout Tibet by selling only unique, high quality handicrafts made in Tibet, by Tibetans.  The programme is described as a social enterprise designed to provide sustainable, long-term solutions to the promotion and preservation of Tibetan culture. All profits from Dropenling are returned to the artisan community in order to improve their working conditions and livelihood.

Although many products in Shangri-la and internationally are marketed as Tibetan, most Tibetan style products are actually manufactured in other places by non-Tibetan peoples. Less familiar with enterprise development and competitive marketing, Tibetan artisans are facing difficulty earning income from their crafts skills. Each year, Dropenling will hold at least 5 training programme, training 80 artisans each time. In total, over 500 artists are supporting through the Dropenling programme.

Dropenling not only supports the artists in learning about the crafts and honing their skills, they provide strong access to a distribution network and shops. Each year, distribution channels purchase around 500,000RMB worth of products directly from local artisans.

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Contact Details

Dugushou 18th, Chang Fang Road, Old Town,
Shangri-la County , Yunnan, China
Phone: +86-0887-8232292, +8613549085194,  +8613989017646
Open from 10am-8pm everyday


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