Where to Shop in China

  • Authentic Handmade Tibetan Crafts and Art

    The Tang Dong Handicraft Development Center is an initiative that provides training, support and distribution for hundreds of local Tibetan artisans to create and sell handicrafts ranging from textiles to pottery and art. What To Experience? The Tang Dong Handicrafts Development Centre is a store in Shangri-La old town that is fully supported by the […]

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  • Dine on Authentic Tibetan Food, Shop for Handmade Pottery and Trek to Undiscovered Villages at Nixi Black Pottery Coffee

    In Shangri La, Nixi Black Pottery Coffee is a one stop for all where Kesang is passionate about sharing the highlights of Tibetan food, crafts and beauty. What to Experience? Restaurant Nixi Black Pottery Coffee was started by Kesang, a Tibetan tour guide living in northwestern Yunnan.  After years of leading treks to local villages, […]

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  • The Yunnan Mountain Handicraft Centre

    Don’t be fooled by imitation souvenirs. The Yunnan Mountain Handicraft Centre (YMHC) works hard to provide tourists with locally made products that embrace the Tibetan Heritage. What to experience? Products display in the store The Yunnan Mountain Handicraft Centre was founded in 2006 to promote local cultural heritage, handicrafts and responsible tourism in Diqing Prefecture, […]

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